The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 6 Part 1 Arrival at Alexandria

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 6

Part 1

Arrival at Alexandria

Late Spring AG44 [268bc]

During the last year I Barypos have been in Athens taking part in the Mysteries and improving my status in them. I manage to attain dedicated member and receive a the gift of Voice from the god’s. I train in my seamanship and swimming skills and read up on Egypt where I will be going next, I live the life of a rich freeman with all the sliver I now have. In the spring of AG44 I set sail on a merchant ship to head to Alexandria and met up with my companions.


During the last year Jason has been in Crete, improving his standing in the cult of Apollo, he is now a dedicated member although he did not ask Apollo for a divine gift, he thinks being a diviner of the future is gift enough for now. He has found trainers to help him in his divination, seamanship, singing, oratory and influence, he has continued to work and even though he has the sliver has stayed a humble freeman.

In his own words  “Never had so much money before so I considered heading for a big city and trying to pass myself off as a rich freeman but in the end decided to remain a humble servant of the Temple of the Sun & the Moon and go home.” “By reading the signs I encountered some honest Captains and good ships and shipmates who allowed me to work my passage back to Crete and provided some training for a fair fee. Warned Captain that if he did not delay sailing we would encounter Cilecian dogs but they backed off when our arrows started to fly showing that this Cretan ship was awake and well armed.  Got back home with my offering of the gold horse and reported that I had passed on the cult messages and had fought against the evil Celts of the Chaos Rune as ordered. The Minotaur seemed pleased to see me but he never says much and it has been all change on the Moon Side of the temple. One unfortunate result of which is that no one seemed that certain about why I had been sent to Anatolia. Fortunately, that most kind & noble Lady Cleopatra is now Priestess of Britomartis/ Artemis at the temple and kept the promise that the temple would employee me and provide training in temple skills as I try to become a devoted member of cult. Think I am in love with Lady Cleopatra…….a very model of the fair Artemis and as far above a poor love sick  Shepherd. Fortunately or unfortunately, the worsening situation between the Kings of Syria and Egypt plus trouble on the mainland has done nothing to reduce the risk to the Temple or its property from the Chaos things of the White Mountains and from pirate raiders so good archer’s are still needed.



Archi, spent this time in Alexandria at the Museion doing research, working as a teacher and gaining respect as a teacher and student. He has learnt some Aramaic and got to know the streets while also improving his Oratory, Insight into people, more about treating wounds and illness, his Egyptian language, Science, Mechanisms, Commerce and unarmed combat. Archi is careful with his living style using most of his sliver for studies.


Telamon has spent the last year in Thebes, living as a common freeman. While there he became a dedicated member of the cult of Hercules gaining the gift of Vigor. To do so he had to train and learn Oratory and Exhort.


Rumours around in Late Spring AG44 [268bc]

Both Ptolemy and Antiochus I are eyeing up Palestine and Coele-Syria again. Ptolemy as his northern border with the Seleucid’s and the Seleucid’s as the gateway to Egypt. In this The rebellious Jews are important. It was only 3 years ago that the last war over this area finished.

Decree of Chremonides signed, creating an alliance between Sparta, Athens, and Ptolemy II, directed against Antigonus of Macedon.

Seleucus, son of Antiochus, is said to be in rebellion in the east.

Philetaerus of Pergamon  is said to be planning an attack on the Galatians in the area.

The Romans are establishing a Roman colony with Latin rights of Beneventum in south Italy They have also declared that they will be founding a new city at Rimini on the East coast of Italy.



Alexandria is a great city founded by Alexander and now the capital of the Ptolemaic empire. It is a majestic city the biggest any of us have ever seen or been in, bigger even than Athens.

Laid out on a grid pattern, like all new cities, Alexandria occupies a stretch of land between the sea to the north and Lake Mareotis to the south; a man-made causeway over three-quarters of a mile long extends north to the sheltering island of Pharos, thus forming a double harbour, east and west. On the east is the main harbour, called the Great Harbour; it faces the city’s chief buildings, including the royal palace and the famous Library and Museion. At the Great Harbour’s mouth, on an outcropping of Pharos, stands the lighthouse, the lighthouse is reckoned as one of the Wonders of the World for its unsurpassed height (140 metres or 460 ft); it is a square, fenestrated tower, topped with a metal fire basket and a statue of Zeus the Saviour.


In the last 60 years the city has inherited the trade of ruined Tyre and become the centre of the new commerce between Europe and the Arabian and Indian East, the city is now larger than Carthage. It is the main Greek city of Egypt, with an extraordinary mix of Greeks from many cities and backgrounds.  It hosts a Dionysian festival that features a 180-foot-high golden phallus, 2,000 golden-horned bulls and a gold statue of Alexander carried by elephants. Alexandria has grown by supplying papyrus, jewels, glass and grain to the Greeks and others.


 The Construction of Alexandria, the city has monumental buildings that have been and are being erected in. The Heptastadion connects Pharos with the city and the Lighthouse of Alexandria followed soon after, as did the Serapeum, all under Ptolemy I. The Museion was finished under Ptolemy II the current ruler.

The Ptolemy’s are being careful to maintain the distinction of its population’s three largest ethnicities: Greek, Jewish, and Egyptian. Alexandrian Greeks place an emphasis on Hellenistic culture, in part to exclude and subjugate non-Greeks.  The law in Alexandria is based on Greek-especially Attic-law. There are two institutions in Alexandria devoted to the preservation and study of Greek culture, which help to exclude non-Greeks. In literature, non-Greek texts entered the library only once they had been translated into Greek. There are ostentatious religious processions in the streets that display the wealth and power of the Ptolemies, but also celebrated and affirmed Greekness.  Alexandria is also home to the largest Jewish community in the world. The Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible (the Torah and other writings), is produced here. Jews occupy two of the city’s five quarters and worshipped at synagogues.


The Ptolemies have fostered the development of the ‘Museion’, the Library of Alexandria and associated Museum, into a renowned centre for Hellenistic learning.  The Library was located in the Mouseion, the Temple of Muses, it was part of the Royal Court of the Ptolemy’s, a huge complex that covers a large area and includes a zoo and botanical gardens.. It also includes areas for all of the arts and performances of such.

The library boosts hundreds of thousands  of scrolls, one foot wide 20 foot long  to about 60 pages. All visiting ships are checked for manuscripts which where seized and copied with the copy being returned. The library has special rapid-copying shops where scholars can get copies of a scroll within a day or two.


The outskirts of the city are mainly a mix of Greek and Egyptian low class buildings around the harbours and roads in. As you reach the centre you come across the big posh buildings for the wealthy and the state. The Museion houses the Major Temple of the Mesues. The Royal court also has a Minor Temple to each of the god’s, and Alexander it also has a Major Temple to Serapis. Around the city are various Modest Shrines to each of the Greek and Egyptian god’s.


The Rules of the City, Greeks are allowed to carry a sword all other weapons are illegal. Important people tend to always go about with a few sword armed guards. Most minor crimes, stealing, cheating, ect., are tried by group of citizens and punished by fines, if they can not be paid slavery instead. Mayor crimes, Murder, Assault, ect,, are tried by city rulers and punished by slavery or death.  The City Guards are Thureophoui and normally armed with Dory and Kopis with a Thureos and Boeotian Helm

The cost cost per week of accommodation and food minimum 4dr rising to 12dr for a rich freeman.  This gives you a rented room or small house food ect and a slave or more to look after you and your stuff.


Our first adventure in Alexandria

A slave comes up to Jason and tells him his master Abas the Silversmith would like to speak to him. Archi know this man a man who makes sliver items for the followers of Apollo. When Jason, Telamon and I, Archi has yet to make it here, get there Abas calls on Jason in Apollos name for his help in finding his son Philip aged 11. Abas has come to Jason as the temple told him to when he asked the god what he should do. He has no idea who or why his son would be taken, the slave Cadmus say’s he was hit from behind and when he woke Philip was gone. He ran straight back home to report. He has a bloodied head where he was hit and a bruised leg.  Archi examines Cadmus and says that he was hit in the head badly. SO as Jason is honour bound to help we set off to investigate.


Reaching the area near the main market where the attack happened we question the market traders. Jason talks with the Greeks nearby but due to his lack of status, they think he is a slave, they say nothing. Archi talks to the Egyptians, as he speaks that strange language, he gets some info as does Telamon when he speaks to the Greeks. It seems two large men with dogs hanging around for some time.  They admit they saw they attack but it was over quickly and they did not want to intervene when the two big men with dogs where involved, they did not realize that a child had been taken. The men where Macedonian looking with dark hair, the dogs where big guard dogs with bronze helms depicting two heads. Archi says that these dogs could belong to Ptolemy’s son, so the men must have access to them. Its now five hours since Philip went missing.


Telamon uses his skill in tactics to organise a search of the area of the attack. After two hours we have managed to find some clues. A Sliver symbol of a Vulture from a belt and blood on a wall with a bloody handprint. We decide to track the blood as far as we can. its takes quite a time before we lose the trail. Telamon stops and with me and Jason work through the information we have, we think the trail is leading us towards the harbour so continue that way and pick up some more blood signs, we are not sure they are the ones we are following or others.


We talk with locals and they recall seeing two men with dogs and a boy heading towards the shine of Hades. We go there and talk to the acolyte of Hades there. Telamon gets no helpful response but Archi says I believe he is lying. With some pressure applied the acolyte says that some followers where annoyed with Abas the silversmith over not making  worship items of Hades. He continues that they are Dymnos & Phaido however he does not know where they live in the harbour area, however they are sailors. With around 10 hours gone since Philip went missing we need to keep going, it is getting dark now. Archi wants to find some meat and herbs to drug the dogs if needed, he soon finds a local stall and purchases what he needs for a couple of drachmae.  While he is doing that Jason wants to see what the signs say about encountering Philip, so he looks at the birds as they settle for the night. As he needs witnesses and as many as he can get Telamon rounds up a crowd of locals.  Jason gets a vision but does not tell the others about it saying it was not relevant.


Archi talks to locals to find where these two men live and get directions. With eleven hours gone we wonder if Abas had had any demands yet but we feel we can not give up time looking for him to find out. We reach the sailors building where we believe the sailors and Philip are, it is a multi story building of many families so we need to be careful. When we get to the doorway of the room we want Telamon listens, but there is a lot of noise around here, but no dogs. He knocks and enters with Jason and Archi following. In the room are two men fitting the description with two women. Telamon asks ‘are you Dymnos & Phaido?’. ‘Yes the two men reply’. We ask for Philip they deny having a child here and the women back them up. Archi tries to pull on the women’s hearts but they still say we know nothing.  So Telamon intimates them with threats, and they admit to taking him to force Abas to make items for Hades as well, however we realised him an hour ago he should be nearly home now with the message that Abas must produce things for Hades or else.


We take our leave, Abas and the authorities can deal with the crime if they want we want to make sure Philip has got home ok.  When we reach Abas’s home Philip is there having been picked up by the watch and brought home. Abas is very please with us and asks for Apollo to bless us however that means we take a curse from Hades well at least Jason and Telamon do as Archi has no truck with gods and I was not there.   Gain Hostility of Hades ‘Curse’ causes reduction of one in HP in all locations [removed by a offering buried in the ground of a sliver two headed dog worth at least 100dr each. Blessing of Apollo one of [choice now] Art, Musicianship, Singing; Lore Animals, or Healing at one difficulty grade easier when used during this year. Jason takes Musicianship and Telamon Lore Animals.


I on the over hand end up shipwrecked off the Egyptian shore, the ship I was travelling in got hit by a massive wave which came from nowhere. The ship was turned over and we lost everything except my life as I swam ashore. I made my way to Alexandria to find my friends and make a new fortune.  [Lose party funds and all of Barypos gear but he survived]  Jason, when I see him, tells me he saw this happen when he went to divine the future but he could not inform me it was going to.  Now we are altogether again we can see what fate and the gods have in store for us.




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