Day 40, The day to question Delise, so go to Figaro’s Bollette Hall where we know he sometimes is.

We arrange a SWAT team to help us, they will cover the back of the hall while Robert and I go in with Gwen and Jack covering us. Robert and I take a stun grenade each.

Robert and I enter the hall and see the suspect we want to question sat with 2 others at a table, with another 10 or so people in the hall.

I advance and say ‘Mr Delise, we need a word with you’. His response is shoot them boys. Lucky Robert and I had been prepared for this and went for our service guns and beat them all to the draw. Robert was faster but he missed I was a little slower but hit Delise. I call on them to drop their guns. Delise then fired at me missing while of the other two one hits me with a grazing hit.

I shot Delise again putting him down while Robert shot another thug.

I call on them to throw down their guns again.

They all do with the thrid man running to the back, I advise the SWAT team that they have a runner heading their way.


Robert runs to attend to Delise as we do not want him to bleed to death, while Jack takes off after the runner and Gwen collects guns as I cover all the remaining people.

We find a collection of guns including Delise’s Sonic Stunner. Jack finds the runner locked in a back office and with SWAT get him out, Jack then finds a com device in a waste bin. We call then last number and hear the voice of Mrs Beater, the plot thickens. As its a burner we can not trace the phone.


Delise and his men are taken in and the other patrons have their names and address taken and questioned by the police.


Day 41, we question Delise and the other goons, Delise says he killed all of them and is happy to take the rap no matter what we offer to give up others. The shot goon says he worked for Delise and the Zagerman gang but will not give any more info. The other goon we have more luck with, he eventually tells us that it was Beater he phoned and she often stays at a hotel at the starport.


Day 42, we vist the hotel and arrange for the the reception and foyer to be bugged so we will know when she turns up. We will use face recognition tech to monitor the bugs. Once we find her we will follow her to see if she can lead us to the boss of the Zagerman’s.

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