Day 35, Dolls House stake out – We see Mr A and Delise , we need to contact a Robo engineer to get a inside man. We find out that Mr A is Ted Lopez, he has no Tax return or public profile.


Day 36, We decide that the Dolls House is the HQ of Zagerman Gang. The boys will bug the Dolls House, they put in 6 bugs which can last 24hours


Day 37, The bugs find a plush office with a safe, by using the air vents to get in.  We also find an engineer talking to Misty, a robot in a maintenance room. He is Tod McDonald, he seems to want to free misty.


Day 38, we go to Tod’s and get him on borad to helping us we promise that we will help him free misty. From him we find that there is always a guard on the office, either a man or a woman. The safe in the offic eis large and needs a hand print, it holds lots of cash. We also find that Edwin, Ted and Sonja Kraus have access.


Day 39. we find all the owners of sonic guns and question the  owners. Four are held by two security firms and casn account for them at the time of the murders. Two are held by Miss D Furigson and Simon Basil both have alibis. So that leaves only Delise to question, this gives a change to bring him in without linking it to enquiry’s into Zagerman. So that will be our next step, go to the Doll House and question Delise.

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