Day 14, we find out that there are some current cases similar to the ones we are looking at. 4 days ago Louise Calderron a student was found dead in bed on the campus. looking into it, it appears she was also killed by a sonic stunner.  Gwen and I talk to her friends she had a unknown male friend and a unknown number to a untraceable phone.  We manage a bit of a description of this Mr A.


Day 15, We aim to find out who Mr ‘A’ is. We look at local CCTV and find a person 1.8m tall, thin and muscular, trendy clothes and in his 20’s.  We also find  out that Mrs Beetal Rodguse attorney is Aran Cross. and we get permission to bug the Drug Dealers car.


Day 16, Jack and Gwen go to the station again they manage to follow the drug dealer who gos into and out of the tolets, he meets one person a lot. They follow this second person who is seen to be slipping stuff to number 3.  Meanwhile I and Robert do forensics on the bedroom, we find cigarette butts outside its window, we take them for DNA. There are also large boot prints.


Day 17, The DNA comes back with not good enough sample to get a result. Robert and I go to the station again with Jack using a remote bug to follow when we can not.  By this we find number 4 but he turns out to be a street dealer. Gwen plants the bug on dealer 1 car, but it doesn’t move.


Day 18, We stake out the drug dealers flat with some extra resources so we each do a 6 hour stint with another agent in support.  No.1 drives south to Franklin and the Food Extruder place we had been to before. He carries a bag in, orders breakfast, and we see it taken by a staff member and then returned.  He then head back to the flat.   We need Gwen to get a job here to plant some bugs and see what is going on, we think its the money exchange.  So for the next two days she applies and gets a job on the night shift.  Jack is in over watch, Robert in a van and me running in the area to keep an eye on Gwen.


Day 22, we are now sure that this is the drug cash swap point we just need to get some evidence and a lead to Mr A.

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