Day 4, Gwen and Jack look back over the video we have while Robert and I go to the Queen Isabella to take fingerprints from the stairs and roof., however we get no new leads from any of this so we decide we need to look elsewhere. Day 5 we look up Mr Declisi and find where he was born and educated, we then check that area out for info about him. Rob finds out that it is assumed that he is in a criminal underworld and part of a gang, maybe Zagerman’s. Link to Figaro’s Bollette Hall.  Day 6, Jack phones contact for street information on killers. The contact comes back with Zagerman Gang deals in drugs, they have a good supply, are brutal and are fighting for territory. Declisi is a street dealer and hired thug.  Day 7, Rob and Gwen undercover to Queen Isabella with me and Jack as back up. After a while they ask about drugs and are pointed to Cowboy Casino Fractured Pickle they see a couple of guys outside with badges marking them as Sons of Liberty. They ask to buy some drugs and told not here follow. So they follow Dan to Fractured Pickle and pointed to guy 3 games along, ‘pay me $100 and go see him’. Rob does so and is handed a bag of drugs.  They then head back to the Queen and after a while leave and we all head off.


Day 8, we check out all the pictures the micro camera’s on Gwen’s bust broach and Jacks baseball cap. However none of them seem to have a record. We log the evidence of the drug buying with the pictures. The local cops do however now of them as they are all Sons of Liberty members.  Jack and I go under cover to Figaro’s Hall with Rob and Gwen as backup. It is mainly full of men and youngsters playing pool and looking tough. We ask about Declisi and that we are waiting for him. The locals try to put us off but we stick at it and eventually we are approached by a man who says we can not get any help for our problem here. We leave to glares, Declisi seems to be known a s a fixer but not one who is going to help us at the moment.


Day 9, evening, we take some small remote crawling/flying bugs, literally in this case, to the Hall and fly them in so we can monitor the place. During the evening we use the bugs to listen and look in on the group who didn’t like us but knew Declisi.  Next day, day 10, we go through all the recorded info, the group do talk in slang a lot but we make out Si Zagerman, boss, Sonia. Next day, day 10, we pick up Doll house! Drugs at space port.  We also check the land and building resisters to see if these buildings have any link to Zagerman, unfortunately they don’t.


Day 11, called in to report told we need to get our fingers out. We talk to the local cops again this time about the Sons of Liberty. Again we find out they are involved in drugs  and that there main hangout is the ‘Mouse Trap’. We had forgotten we had been told this. Arh well a new line to take as the others seem to be not getting us anywhere.





Day 12, We start the day with a review of our notes in case we have missed something as we are only getting dead ends so far.  We still need to check out the Mouse Trap and we want to talk to the Local DA about why they charged Beetal when we found out her innocence quite quickly.  Robert and I go to see the DA while Jack and Gwen go and talk to the local cops and private security. I am not sure if the DA is just covering up or was after a feather in his cap for personal ambition.  Jack and Gwen find out that it was the DA who pushed the case forward due to the witnesses and brain scan as well as the fact that she was a suspected gang member of Zagerman. The Zagerman gang has been around for about 5 years and is mainly into Scribble. Charlie a crime reporter might know more about them. They talk to Starlin Security, who is sure there is no police involvement in the drugs trade but who knows about military involvement.


In the evening we go to the Mouse Trap, Gwen and Rob go in as reporters investigating gang warfare with Jack, on a roof, and I, hanging around on a corner, act as backup. The Mouse Trap is a small subterranean dome but very colorful inside. They find out that the Son’s have an informal ranking system; that there is conflict between Zagerman and the Sons; Zagerman has tied up the market; Miss Beetal was a Zagerman Captain [did the Sons set her up?]. Finally we found out we need to check out Ham’s Launch Pd a dance club, Air Film Train Station near the space port, and Food Extruder Food Bar in Franklin.


Day 13, a late start after a late night. Jack and I go to the Air Film Station while the others recover at base. After many hours they come back and say that our video showed Beetal Rodguse taking a train. Dam we didn’t see her. In the evening we go the Ham’s Launch Pad we all go in, in mixed pairs. Jack finds a dealer who goes out to get the scribble and then comes back in. We check out the car registered owner a Mr A, not this person. We follow the dealer when he leaves for the night to a small flat  in Eagles Nest.


Day 14, we get a warrant to monitor this flat.


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