The Dairy of Special Agent Louise

Today I was called into the office of SSA Karli, I was wondering what she wanted this time, I am sure I have not upset any other agent recently, not that I have been here long having not long finished my training. Already Agents Robert, Jack and Gwendoline were there. I wondered what was up as it was the first tine we had all been called together, I knew of the others, after all we work in the same NSO branch in Liberty city, however I didn’t know much about any of them, I think they have all been agents longer than me. Karli introduced us to Zandea Park the DA and told us that we were to hand over our current cases to her and we were to work together for the local sheriffs office on a problem they have.

It seems that the local police feel that the Zagerman Org. are causing trouble. It is believed that they are behind the traffic in neural scrip a variety of drugs which effect the neural pathways of the user in various ways. The locals have not managed to make any links to them from any of the kids they have picked up carrying the drugs. We are shown a mug shot of Miss Beetal accused and found not guilty of killing Ronald a member of the Sons of Liberty, a street gang. She is suspected of having ties to the Zagerman’s. This happened in the Eagles Nest a red-light slummy area near to the space port. There were two witnesses however nigher made the trial, Argun, a private security man, recanted his testimony and Doolug, a maintenance man, who was found killed. With that information we are reminded to stay within the law and see what we can find out.

I am eager to get to the crime scenes but the others want to chat first. After a while I get them in a transport heading to the Eagles Nest 15k SE of the spaceport. We go to the local police first to check in and they take us the the scene of the killing of Ronald. It also turns out that Doolug was killed near by as well. So we get Gwendoline to using the drone to survey the area from height and then lower down with video and still using various camera modes.  While she is doing this over two days Jack uses his recon skills to check it at ground level, while Robert and I keep watch and investigate any new clues.

We find the blood stains as the police report described which show he fell forward and then was shot from behind. However we find shell cases on the roof of the Queen Isabella Love Range. These came from a T50 assault Pistol firing 9/50 rounds. It turns out that almost anyone could gain access to the roof and no one inside saw anything. It does however prove that Beetal did not kill Ronald as he was shot from above while walking away from her. We wonder who wanted to frame her and why.

Day three, we check out the Bailey murder site, first we find that the blood splatter does not match the blow which caused his death. The police inquiry wasn’t very good again. There is a 24 hour garage nearby so Jack and Robert go and talk to them. It turns out that they heard a odd winning screeching sound, when it is described to me I reconise it as the sound of a Sonic Stunner. Both of these weapons are unusual outside of military or security use. The Sonic Stunner can cause death if used at close range as well as bleeding from nose, ear and mouth, so it seems to fit. Sonic Stunners are French made and so should be traceable unlike the Assault pistol. A bit of research came up with a gun shop in Liberty City which is the only one likely to sell one.

After finishing up our crime scene investigations we head back to liberty City and go and speak to the Gun shop owner. After Robert butys a Sonic Stunner he tells us that a Mr Fosco Declisi bought some parts for his not that long ago.

So that will be our next port of call after we have done a data search on him and any links to the others involved in this series of crimes.



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