The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4 Part 11

The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4

The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

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————————— Part 11  —————————-

After a days rest Rathulagon flew us up two at a time and puts us down on a mountain near where the shaft, from his cave, comes out, this is a snow covered steep slope and we need to find a way to get down back to the road and back to Lastever.


With limited supplies and no cold weather clothes this could be very dangerous however we set to with all the skill and luck we have. [GM – I use an Extended Conflict to work through this climb, PC’s Con Pool V’s Mountain pool of 16 and Athletics skill V’s 75%. Survival will add 1/5 to each players Athletics if made. Roll each day and they reach the road when the Mountains Pool = 0. Failure means D6 Pool loss, half pool lost become Stressed all rolls @ -20%. 0 Con means take D6 Fatigue and if  another Athletics roll was also failed take D6 falling Damage to 1 random location.  One days stop will recover 1/4 of Pool]


Thorn uses his Survival and Navigation skill’s to help the group. The first day is slow going and they cover little ground and suffer from the cold. The second day I realise that I should be using my Athletics to help the others my finding a path for them, as my Star Sign of the Watchman means that they will get a better bonus however I can only really do this twice,  we get further this day. Third day is slow again, and we get very little distance, we are all suffering from the cold and climb, but managing to keep going. Forth day is slow again and I can no longer help the other as much also Thorn fails in his supplying us with food and water. Day five and I and stressed and so Gnoman takes the lead with his unnatural climbing ability, he is a thief after all, and we do much better as we are now out of the snow and its more about the climb. Day 6 another good day we can see the road below us as we camp. Day 7 we reach the road, never have we been so glad to see a rutted road.


Now we are down it takes another day to reach the city of Lastever. We rest and buy new clothes, as ours are ruined. Rotnik takes the Censer to the temple. Next day ‘Rebril Moradin’ the High Priest & Thorin City leader receive the party at a banquet and give us a chest with the 1,000gp for the Censer. But they argue that they have not cleared the fort rather it has just been destroyed and so refuse to pay the extra 500gp. A argument starts but I claim it down and say ‘we should not ruin a good meal and celebration maybe we can sort this out tomorrow’. This all agree to and we finish a wonderful meal in our honour.


Next day we met up with Rebril and Thorin to make our case. However the fact that the fort is a destroyed smocking ruin counts against us and we can not get the extra 500 gold for clearing and re-garrisoning it. Thorn is not happy but has to except this, we do however ask about honours but only I get one, after all I did deal with the dragon. I am made a Bard of the City allowing me free access into the city and the right to entertain, as long as I always tell the story of the scared Elf who didn’t face off the dragon but hid in a human town. We then spend some time debating how to divide this gold, will James get any? what about Mackenzie and Rotnik? In the end we decide to be knid to James and give him a retainer of 50 gold from our payment while also giving 100 gold to both Rotnik and Mackenize. Thorn, Gnoman and myself each get 250 gold. Thorn then arranges to have the skull of the dwarf we had found buried properly. Then he gets a new helm, his is to badly damaged, and a right arm vambrace, while I find 2 new javelins. One of these turns out to be of wonderful quality giving me a bonus to my throwing and its damage.


So after a couple of days we made our way to Duvik Pass to find James. We find him still with Ernst learning spells and he tells us his story.

James story in Duvik Pass

Arrival at the Town Gates – Orid is on the gates and needs to levy the new tolls  Cost to enter 1sp per person animal or wagon.  James pays the 1sp. Then lets fellow member of fighters guild, Orid, know that a Kobold raiding party is threatening the road. Orid does send a party to clear the road around the city, he reports that he found some tracks but noting else. James also lets the guild know that the Dwarf Fighter-Priest Thorn has negotiated a Condetta contract from the Dwarf’s of Lastever worth 1500 GP on total success which if it comes off will greatly help Duvik Pass and it’s trade income. He then goes to call on Ersnt who is busy when James arrives and he will need to wait till evening before he is free then he will met James for supper.


Ernst is not happy that James has abandoned his apprentice. He will only James allow guild access to his spell book when James returns with him or promises to keep him for a year and a day. Ernst wants a biding oath from James to this end,  James happily gives this. James then points out that the only reason he left him safe & studying in Lastever is that he currently lacks the stealth for quick trips across dangerous territory.  Road is just not safe at current moment in time with White Fang Fort out of action. Ersnt accepts this and allows James guild access to his books. Ernst has an important meeting tomorrow with Lord Sendars and the council and will not be free to do any work for a few days, this will mean James has to spend more time than he expected to gain the spells he wants as Ernst only has a guild spell book for 1st level spells and will need to make a scroll of any 2nd level ones James wants for James to copy from, this increases both the time and the cost of accessing these spells.  The List of spells Ernst has, as he has adapted some spells to make them yellow those with a * are non standard

Cantraps – All in Spare spell book

1st level – All  in spare spell book plus he knows Non-standard *Affect Normal Fires; *Color Cascade; *Detect Magic; *Disk of Burden; *Faerie Lights; *Flaming Hands; *Light; *Magic Missile

2nd level – Dispel Magic; *Fireball; Haste; Hold Person; *Know Passions; Locate Object; Mage Lock; Read Thoughts; Tongues

Next few days – While waiting to spend time with Ernst and learning new spells James practices and thinks about flying so far he has had some easy flights and a crash in the Mountains to study [he spends 3 EP on fly skill, also spends 1ER on combat skills] James has created his Fly spell known as “Wings of the Arials”. The original spell developed by Arial Elf Mages to give their earth bound and wingless kin a taste of the Sky.  Developed out of Levitation Magic first used to reach Elf Tree Houses without use of ladders/tree climbing the Fly Spell gives the target of the spell full horizontal movement and the ability to glide and soar as well as move up and down.  Handy to pop over to the neighbours for dinner and a song (or to drop things on them if they are annoying).  Spell causes a of mystic wings to grow from the caster’s back. In version of the spell used by James Ernst & the Duvik Pass Guild these wings are yellow and red, due to use of pinch of Red Dragon powder to replace some other more common components and influence of Ernest. When under influence of the spell a hit in the Chest area results in need to make a hard fly skill roll, a failed roll means only able to levitate in place, a second easy roll is then needed to recover or character will start to fall, a fumble results in falling out of the sky instantly.

James goes, after a couple of days, to see Father Sam, Ernest the Yellow & Lord Senders to advise that the group have requested help with the Haunting from both the Dwarfs & the Elves. Gordon has taken the Dragon Heart to the King & Queen of Loreddell, they might send a Cleric to pick up the Crystal Crescent Moon encased in Brass holy symbol of Lumiya & perhaps the Elven Art work both of which we have left on display at the temple until the Elves claim it. You can not really haggle with Elven Royalty but they may be gracious enough to help, it will take some months before any answer can come. However Rebril arrives, from Lastever, and does the job of removing the ghost from the mine and town.


James Copies Feather fall, 1st level, from the guild book with apprentices watching how its done as they do it as well. Then he starts on the second level spells he wants. Ernst however will only commit to creating two scrolls for James at a time, taking him 8 days. Then it will be a couple of weeks before he can do the other two each taking him 4 days, therefore it will be a month before James is finished getting his spells and learning to Fly. By then he has also regained the magic used on his courier, to the elves, meaning he is either dead or carried out his mission.


Spells James works on with Ernst – Yellow Fireball 2nd level Swapped for ‘Wings of the Arials’. This Scroll takes Ernst 4 days to make and takes James 1/2 day to scribe into spell book costs 200+ for ink to put into your book. Haste 2nd level cost 200sp for scroll 4 days to make  1/2 day to scribe into spell book cost of ink 200+sp.

Locate object 2nd level cost 200sp for scroll 4 days to make  1/2day to scribe into spell book cost of ink 200+sp. Tongues 2nd level cost 200sp for scroll 4 days to make  1/2day to scribe into spell book cost of ink 200+sp.


With James still needing time we all have to wait at the town for a couple of weeks before we head to South Borough and Trumpton, the Halfling village where Gnoman comes from. While waiting Gnoman gets his long wanted Longbow and starts to learn how to use it. We are again given a feast for the work we have done to free the town from the plague and then the ghost.  As winter draws in we leave the area and head to Trumpton to see the family of Gnoman and explain about his sisters death.


Carrot Gemstone is not a happy father when he hears of the loss of his daughter. He blames Gnoman for taking her into the cave, even if he thought it was better than leaving her in the plague ridden town. ‘Why didn’t you send her home he cries’ Gnoman has no answer and accepts his fathers scorn. He explains that we sent a messenger with a message however it appears Meria and Ron never turned up, we wonder what happened to them. We do not stay here long and move to Greymoor which we reach by end of the year. What with the cost of travelling and then Guild dees and Taxes we do not have a lot left from our adventures in the Iron Flow River area. With winter coming on we settle in to Greymoor  doing odd jobs, guild work or working for the guard for now. We have all learnt a lot from this adventure and spend time at our guilds improving ourselves, all of us are now at the second level in at least one Guild area and wonder what our next adventure will be, also we remember those who died helping us in our journey they were not as lucky as us in dangerous situations.

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