‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4 – The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

‘The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 4

The Iron Flow River & The Censer of Weal

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While spending the next day with Gari and the dwarfs at Grundbar, we contemplate on our last days, the killing of a dragon, dealing with goblins and encaging with the dwarfs.  Next morning we start talking about how we divide up the loot. Eventually as James wants wagons to transport the cut up dragon as well as being to talk to Ernst the Yellow about new spells, now he has reached the level of Adept mage having learnt the spell Fly, and also in identifying our loot. He goes with Gnoman with the pony and familiars and heads back to Duvik Pass. While they are there Thorn starts work with my help on making slings from dragon gut. During the next day Thorn makes three slings two of which are effective improving the damage of the shot. He keeps one giving his owl bear one and the others away.

First stop after being welcomed at the gates is to Ernst the Yellow, the conversation ends with Ernst saying to sell dragon parts they would properly have to go to Greymoor city, at least for the heart. Other parts might well be of use in other ways as he and James gathered with the following knowledge they shared, mostly from James reading of an old Elvin guide when he was younger. [James’s players input]


The Elric Guide to Cooking & other uses for Dragon Bodies

 MEAT……Some say Dragon meat is toxic others (mostly fire giants) that it offers a unique taste experience and is the ultimate gift to any Jarl. The Guides position is that only the Dragon’s blood and bile is toxic and acidic so Chef’s need to take great care with their preparation and remove all trace of blood and bile from the meat or they will probably kill any diner without the constitution of a Fire Giant and themselves if they fumble.

Certain very brave or mad individuals and Fire Giant Shaman are known to eat parts of the Dragon raw or “blue” and served with magic mushrooms in order to see visions and enter the dream world. Even Elric the Mad considered this as a dangerous hobby. Sells for about 2sp per lb, it does need Purify Food at one Intensity per 5lb needed, cast on it before cooking to remove toxins from the meat

HIDE …….Can he used to make shield covers and some of the finest scale armour in the world but shortage of raw material means it is normally limited to Elite Fire Giants, Hero’s and the very rich. Scale armour made from Dragon hide increases in armour protection and weight with the age of the Dragon but on average it is lighter and stronger than metal scale armour. Plus depending Dragon hide used the armour/shield will offer superior protection against the particular attack type that Dragon is immune too ie Black Dragon Armour protects against acid, Red Dragon armour offers superior protection against fire etc.

– Major disadvantage of Dragon armour is that it produces a negative reaction in Dragons. Even a Dragon type hostile to the type of Dragon being worn like a Silver Dragon viewing Red Dragon Armour is likely to view it as being in very poor taste.

– Cost of Dragon Scale Armour varies as normally the buyer has to provide the raw materials and will want a discount based on provision of the raw material. While the armour maker will claim cost of time & difficulty of dealing with unusual material more than makes up for any saving due to having raw material supplied & will want a premium price. Can be made into armour with ENC equal to 2 per area of body covered. Each 5lb of hide is needed to cover one body area.  The Hide will give an Amour value of 4, similar to metal armour. Plus there is a 40% chance of any of its immunities working each time they are needed a good quality hide ups this to 60%. It takes a week or more to prepare hides for use. The hide sells for around 5gp per ENC

DRAGONS & MAGIC …….Being creatures of pure magic Dragon blood & body parts are valuable to Magical & Alchemist Guilds esp since many spells & potions may call for specific raw materials like eye of frog, virgins blood, skin of toad etc which may not always be too hand. However, it has been found that blood & parts from a creature of Magic will work just as well. One Dragon will therefore keep a whole guild from running out of raw materials for decades while certain Dragon parts have specific uses. Blood fresh sells for around 2gp per pint; clotted blood for around 1gp per pint; while other organs might go for 1gp per ENC

DRAGON BONES…….The very best Rune Sticks for Diviners are made out of Dragon Bones. 99% of so called Dragon Bone Rune Sticks are fake or from very large Lizards rather than Dragons but correctly enchanted Dragon Bone Rune sticks will made divination spells easier. While a full Dragon Skeleton combined with a high intensity Animate Dead spell can greatly enhance the protection of a town, guild, forest, tomb or sacred store. While many are uncomfortable with anything to do with Necromancy some Dragons Skeletons now have honoured internment’s awaiting a summons to defend in death the forests etc they defended in life.

Claws and Heads are often wanted for display by various inns etc. Whole Claws  – sell for around D6+4gp;  Head – sell for 3d6 +6gp

DRAGON HEARTS………A Dragon Heart less than a month old is vital to a Master Alchemist wanting to create a control Dragon potion. Older Hearts are normally smoked, spiced and traded to Giants for the blood used in potions of Giant Strength. They sell for around 80gp if a week old losing 20gp per week after that

DRAGON TENDON…….Used to make the very best (sometimes magical) slings, sling staffs, bow strings, musical instrument strings, ropes, bolas and bull roarers. Sells for 1gp per ENC

DRAGON TEETH………For reasons unknown if used as a focus for a summon monster spell the spell will always summon Skeletons. Dragon teeth can be enchanted with this spell and a permanent spell. Dragons have about 60 teeth each. Sell for 1gp each – when thrown on the ground as part of a summoning it creates a skeleton warrior, however no more can appear than the spell would allow with a max appearing roll. Maybe the only way a summoning will bring a specific creature.

DRAGON EYES……..Sought by diviners who use them as a scanning tool also if used as a focus for a Wizard Eye spell the spell will have a better chance of seeing the invisible and hidden.


Ernst tells James that now he has reached the next level of mage knowledge he will be expected to train an apprentice, or lose guild access. Ersnt says I have just the apprentice for you ‘ Mackenzie Fox’ a 6’7″ 250lb human male. Mackenzie is a strange apprentice, big and strong, his family of potters had the chance to put him into training as a mage and did. He is not sure he really wants to be one, his fancy is to be a Paladin, maybe one day for now he tries to help others as best as he can.’ Ernst says. He goes on, ‘he is very gentle and helpful to all, as well as hating bullies who have often felt the end of his staff, welded with a lot of power but little skill. He knows the Cantrips – Appraise, Calculate, Cleanse, Dry, Extinguish, Ignite, Magic Tricks, Magnify, Tidy, Warmth and you James will need to finish his learning of Read Magic and bring him up to Journeyman’. James agrees, after all this plays to his paternal nature.


Next they go to see Lord Sendars, his aide tells them they might need to get new clothes as there’s are looking very tatty and the same ones they were wearing last time. James casts Cleanse and Polish Cantrips on them both to  make them look better.  Lord Sendars is pleased to see them and listens to there tale of the dragon and mentions that they still have the ghost problem, James says that He might be able to get a scroll from the elves to the south for a cleric to cast, otherwise they need to get a message to Greymoor City. Lord Sendars also mentions he has some work needing doing in the town. 1- Needs help in repairing homes ready to receive new tenants. 2- There is a pack of wolves which have settled in the woods during the plague and are now a threat to restoring the livestock.. 3- Adverts are out for a new Militia and guard leader, as well as a few trained warriors as town guards and to be the core of the militia. Pay before taxes a house and 200gp a year. Lord Sendars hopes that at least one of the party will take the job.


James offers the use of his apprentice and thinks he can get another form Ernst to help with the homes as they will be able to use Tidy, Cleanse and Repair on them. Ersnt agrees and James gives them 26gp for any extra expenses’. Lord Sendars says he will take the Dragon head and claws in leu of any of the other items as per Kingdom policy. James also asks if he would like the group to get Grundbar to join his growing fiefdom, Lord Sendars says yes and offers to pay 100gp if they can do so. Lord Sendars also lends James two wagons with drivers to bring the dragon parts back.  Then James and Gnoman go an buy some new clothes, then Gnoman talks to Ernst about his journey to Adept and access to spells.


Next day the two of them plus wagons head back to Grundbar, which takes most of the day with the slow wagons. Once there the met up with the rest of us and tell us what they have been up to. Thorn then goes to talk to Gari, they talk about the local situation and somehow Thorn convinces the sceptical  Gari to sign up with Lord Sendars. Amazingly we have now added two dwarf mining hamlets to Lord Sendars mainly human town in the past week or so. We then get to work chopping up the dragon and adding the parts to the wagons, casting Preserve on those parts which need it. We add the Head, Hide, Claws and Bones, along with a load of meat, we leave the rest for the dwarfs, they give us two drink barrels which Gnoman Cleanses and we fill with 100 pints of preserved blood.


Next day we leave the dwarfs and escort the wagons back to Duvik Pass. Once there we give the Meat, Claws and Head to Lord Sendars and collect our 100 gold for adding to his domain. He is very pleased as he can now host dragon meat parties for other nobles. We than take the Blood to Ernst and ask him to indentify the Cape, Hammer and Paints for us along with the four potions. Normally this requires a expensive pearl to do this each time, instead James and Ernst hope that dragon blood will do. So with me, Gnoman and the apprentices watching Ernst with James’s aid starts casting Identify on the object one at a time.


Ernst finds he needs a couple of pints of blood for each casting by the end he thinks that drying the blood thereby taking the water from it would leave a magical powder which will replace a lot of items for casting magic.

The War Hammer is a simple well balanced plus one weapon which goes to Orid.

Mera ends up with the Marvellous Elvin Paints, these pigments allow you to create three-dimensional objects by painting them in two dimensions. The paint flows from the brush to form the desired object as you concentrate on its image. She has many thoughts about what she can use these for.  A door into another room or to escape for a start others she keeps to herself..

James persuades us to let him have the red and gold cape, which turns out to be a cape of the Slider. This will allow him, once a day, to open a dimension door and slide up to 100′, when he disappears, he will leave behind a cloud of harmless gray smoke, appearing in a similar fashion at his destination up to 100′ away. The potions turn out to be Bronze looking Potion of Climbing which will cause a burning sensation with drunk. Taken by Gnoman.

Clear acidic smelling Potion of Greater Healing. Taken by me.

Clove smelling Potion of Hill Giant Strength. Taken by Thorn.

Blue Looking Potion in a faceted phial etched with geometric patterns of Fire Resistance. Taken by me.

Crystal Crescent Moon holy symbol of Lumiya encased in Brass kept to give to elves.

Sliver Buckle inlaid with fine steel Elfish symbols kept by Thorn for his belt.

Marble figurine of a Flaming Sword set with Red Onyx Sacred to Firinna given to Father Samuel for his temple.

Each also gets 16 gold and 5 sliver from our payment from Lord Sendars.


Orid once he hears about the job as guard commander in the town says that he will be happy to take it on, the rest of us think it is a good idea as it will give us a friendly ally in the town. He says, ‘I will train the best of the militia as archers and pass on my own training.’ Mera says, ‘As Ron needs to get home to his father, maybe I could escort him home?’ ‘After all I would like to leave the group now and enjoy my new wealth, Gnoman also gives her his armour as he has decided to just use invisibility and speed as defence, it will also mean he casts his spells quicker without the armour. The group think about this and try to have some insight into to why she has volunteered, we decide she has wants to gain the praise for returning him. We deal with this Thorn gives him a letter to his father to report the adventure to rescue him. Gnoman also gives him a letter for his family to explain what happened to Gnomiss. James writes a letter to Slivas the Wise about noticing missing stars.  Thorn gives Ron 15 gold to cover his travel costs, and James gives him 15 gold to give to Fenald at Gramby for his cloak.


So Ron sets out on his horse with Mera behind him, with 55 gold of his own and 65 from us to head home with letters and instructions. Mera has her second hand studded leather armour, a Owl Bear sling from Thorn, Elvish paints, Extra Healing Potion and 150 gold, a good payout for a few weeks work. It will keep her able to work as a cleric until the Spring. Orid takes up his post as guard commander having gained, a Extra Healing Potion along with the War-hammer and over 100 gold, with a steady income and access to other dwarfs he seems happy. The rest of us have a long discussion about our next direction, we have three options. 1- Go with Ron back to Greymoor city doing all the things we had given him letters to do. 2- Go to see the Elves, which is James favourite, who might have more info on the Censer and should have a scroll to deal with the ghost. 3- Head to Lastever to find out about White Fang Fort and the Censer. We decide to go with the last option and prepare to head to Leastever town about 10 to 15 miles away from Duvik Pass. So mid month of the Spinner we load up and head out, with a couple of supply wagons and driver for Lastever. The wagons have cheeses and such and will bring back some dwarf gold.







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