Review of ‘Conclave’ by R Harris

CONCLAVE by Robert Harris

A interesting if strange idea for a book, my friend Mat gave it to me for Christmas.

It is about the Conclave in the Vatican to elect a new Pope, as I said a odd idea for a book. However Harris does a good job with it, mind you I had worked out the twist before getting halfway, however I will be careful not to give anything away. It has some tension and drama in it but most of all it gives a interesting insight to a hidden organ of power.

Now as a Christian if not Catholic I am not particularly interested in how things go in the Vatican, but I was impressed at the detail Harris put in, I did like that he understood how the Holy Spirit works and that some Catholics do experience it.

A good easy read it took me a bit longer than the afternoon I had in hospital to read it. A good read.


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