Review of ‘A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity’

‘A Nearly Infallible History of Christianity’

Being a history of 2000 years of Saints, Sinners, Idiots and Divinely-inspired Troublemakers

by Nick Page

I have not really been one to read church history, even though I do love history. However this was one I saw and got for Christmas I also got other Nick Page books review of another one I have read here.

I must say I did enjoy this book it is full of humor as well as facts, it confirmed some of my own views and made me think about others. It is a brief history, over 400 pages, of the rise of the Christian church and its long journey to today. I enjoyed the small block insets about a particular person, in particular the Could you have a drink with him down the pub? line each had.

It was interesting to see how different ideas came and sometimes went for Christians. How a lot of what we do in church now has had a very odd journey. How we came to have bibles in our own language and why some clergy dress as they do.

However mainly for me it shows that no matter how mixed up the people might get and the leaders in particular God always is talking to enough people to keep the church on some sort of path. People might try to make the church their own, trying to use it for there own benifit but God always seems to raise up Troublemakers to shake it up again.

I was reassured from reading this of my own path with Jesus and for the future of His people.

A humorous easy read taking you on a 2000 year journey.

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