Review of ‘Journeys of Hope’

Journeys of Hope is a book from CAP [Christians Against Poverty]

This book looks at the stories of 12 lives/families changed by God as they engaged with dealing with debt.

The stories are very personal and deep, some are hard to read and other bring you to tears. Yet in each God working through His people reaches out and touches the hurting. From the simple note saying God loves you to others understanding and helping with impossible debt.

CAP responds to calls by sending a helper to work through a families or individuals debt working it out with the lenders and giving the person just one payment to make to CAP who then pay to the different creditors. Along with this each story also shows hoe God is also in all of this as people receive ongoing help from a local church support worker.

A good read, if sad at times, wonderful to see how God works in peoples lives and how His people are bring hope and light into very dark areas of peoples lives.

I love how it shows a living caring creator God touching people who have lost all hope and how that touch of the Spirit brings them new life.

CAP website is here

Father I thank you for CAP and all the work they do, Bless their workers and volunteers. Bring new hope to those in debt through its work in your name.


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