A Place to Belong

Such a lovely thought. One we so easily forget.
Lord I thank you that I have a home and family with you, help me never to forget that.

Me Set Free


“Where are you from?” I haven’t really known how to answer this question for years, having moved house every couple of years for much of my life. Once, I lived at five addresses within the space of a year. But recently I have found answering this especially hard.

When I walked out of an abusive marriage, I had to move back in with my parents. This might seem like an ideal solution, after all, surely I would be moving to a place where I knew plenty of people. This wasn’t the case for me though. My parents had only be living in Worksop for a couple of years, and I knew no one in that town, (and had no desire to ever live there). I felt that I really didn’t belong. I had just left my marriage, the one relationship that is supposed to last a lifetime. On top…

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