Review of ‘The Nova Chronicles’ by S J Bryant

‘The Nova Chronicles’ I got the first 5 of these books as a set on Kindle. Once I started to read it took only a week or so to get through all five. I enjoyed reading them and found them a very easy read. They are Sci-Fi in the style of Star Trek in that it seems to take little time to move from place to place and communication is instant. There are food and item replicators and cheep and simple ships, bit like buying a third hand car. However the heroine is bold and rash as well as intelligent and you soon grow to want to know what will happen to her.

There are places you stop and say Err, what the! as the logic seems a bit off but it does not distract from the fun stories, even the vampire one is fun as high tech weapons are replaced with wooden bullets, what a neat idea.

There are more books in the series and I will vet them to see what happens to Nova and if she ever uses her new talent.

Well worth getting.


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