The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 6

Part 6

Earlier parts here

 With poor Gnoman unable to see and Thorn needing to rest and pray it was decided that we would rest here in the room with stone beds, which we can use. First we jammed the door shut with some of the iron spikes we picked up earlier. We then slept lightly for the next six hours, we left the still invisible Gnoman on hearing guard with Panther.  We wake later and have a small meal and then leaving Gnoman and Panther behind we head back into the next room. James and Thorn soon find the secret door and I check for traps. I then open it while carrying some holy water just in case.


The door opens into a long snaking narrow natural passage leading downwards. Thorn enters first followed by me and the James at the rear. The passage is lined with vines and flowers which seem to like the dark. After a while we notice a flickering light ahead and faint birdsong. This is odd we think just as the walls and ceiling fall in onto us. Thorn and James seem to avoid being hit by the earth and rocks but I was not so lucky, and end up pinned by my chest and right arm with both areas taking damage from the crushing effect of the rocks. Thorn and James set to digging me out I then lose track of what is going on. Later they tell me that they where shot at or rather James was shot at but all the darts bounced off his armour. The armour may make a less effective mage however it does keep him alive.  They never find out where the darts come from and after digging me out they carry me on down the passage as I sing to encourage them and  myself.


After a while we reach a underground grove, however due to a vow we made I can not tell you much about what happened there and after. What I can say is that James and Thorn defeated some half orc’s and got found a letter for Lady Moonsong. [buy the adventure if you want to know what happens here] Some hours later we are all back in the Alter room, Gnoman is visible again now. We have bits of this area to still explore so do so.


We end up in a odd room with a grooved circle in the floor, we end up putting oil into this and lighting it. We find another secret door and after I have checked it out we enter another room. This one has a fancy fountain in it. Each of us drink of the water to refreshen ourselves and then we head back to the entrance way. We have done all we can here and need to decide on our next steps.

Do we go back and tell Lady Moonsong we failed and give her the letter or what?


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