The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 5

Part 5

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 With Gnoman bleeding out from his mangled arm Thorn calls on his deity to stop the bleeding and stabilize the wound, while James gives Gnoman a dry apple piece to boost his lost fatigue.  I start to use my healing skills to sow up the bits and cuts on Gnomans arm so he can start the long road to recovery. After spending time doing that I play my maracas and sing to inspire Thorn as he tried to cast Cure Mayor Wounds from his scroll. this is not easy as this divine effect is two levels above him. However his god smiles warmly on him and the scroll works restoring Gnomans arm as well as unexpectedly healing the other small wounds he has as well. James then casts the cantrip repair on to Gnomans clothes to repair the battle damage. Gnoman then eats different bits of dry fruit from each of us to restore his lost energy levels.


With Gnoman fit and hale again we look around this room, it is around medium sized and has a domed ceiling with a starry night scene on it. It has a stone bed table chairs with a smouldering fire surrounded by a pile of animal skins and bones.   Thorn wonders where the crossbow fire came from and James says maybe a whereat was here as he would have the rates in company.  So thorn is weary and trying to see hear any invisible movement. As the rest of us search we find a compartment which has a pouch, a staff and a rolled up paper. We also find a partially empty box of barbed crossbow bolts, a half full wineskin and a map of the woods, amongst the camp.


Thorn casts detect magic on the items and the scroll as well as the staff respond with the paper seeming to be divine magic. Gnoman grabs the pouch and finds some mushrooms in it. I read the scroll and find its a protection spell and put in it my pack. James and I look at the mushrooms and decide what they are. I know the bardic story of ‘The Druid and the Yellow Mushrooms’. This story tells of a young training druid who struggled to be as good as other trainees, when he asked them why they did better than him they told him about the yellow mushrooms they ate. As they laughed behind his back he went off and found said mushrooms and started eating them. However although they gave him a better dream time it only made his training worse due to lack of good sleep. It seems Yellow mushrooms have uses but not for spell casting. Gnoman puts his away for now.


With this area checked and no way out other than rat holes we head back the way we came and to check on our mule collect some rations and put the staff, which appears to have iron around parts of it, onto it. However when we get there we are surprised to see it coped up in a bloody mess. I look at the wounds and decide that they where inflected by a two handed sword like James has. I also find some large boot prints in the blood. We all wonder if this was from the rat but doubt that he used such a big weapon or was that large and anyway their are two sets of prints. So the idea that maybe it is Brigid, my enemy, sending some controlled half orcs after me again.  However as they is no sign of them around we can do nothing about it at the moment. The rations are still on the carcass even if it looks like some has been taken. We eat some rations before we go back into the hill, James is concerned about having to go deeper.


Going back to the room with the alter we take one of the passages behind the drapes. This lead us into a snaking narrow natural tunnel going down and deeper all the time. It smells of musty soil. Gnoman has decided going invisible will protect him from attack so we can not see him ahead, we follow slowly with me holding up my shield with the glowing sickle on it to light our way.  Ahead we see a door and stop, after a few moments Gnoman speaks to us and says the door has a prayer in old common carved into it. He repeats the prayer to us and then goes to check the door. He is back a while later. I can not see he says everything has gone black on top of that the door is stuck and will need some strength to open.  Thorn casts his detect magic and it shows a magic trap right in front of the door. We wonder if it will reset and then remember the prayer. Telling poor Gnoman to wait here we all negotiate the trap and push the door open. Behind the door is a room with stone beds with various things around them and a bell hanging from the ceiling.  There appears to be a archway on the other side by a skeleton. However we are not given long to look before we see three undead moving towards us. Thorn grabs his hols symbol and calls on Hombel, the undead flee from his aura. While they run through the archway we prepare for their return. After a minute they return and the three of us lined up hack them down. I used my druid abilities to make my club magical to make sure it had an effect on them.


With the undead dealt with James examined the skeleton and found a sliver dagger, which he gave to Thorn to look at. Thorn likes good metal items and was hard pushed to give it back again. We get Gnoman into the room and then head through the arch. This leads into another room which smells badly of decay, also unlike the rest of the area it has a earthen floor. I try to talk but find that no sound comes out, so I get the others attention and beckon them out. Once out of the area we can talk and James tells us of having found distrubed ground by the wall which would indicate a door hidden there.


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