The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 4

Part 4

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 With the way clear the others search the room, I am still feeling a little off. This seems to have been once a well-stocked storeroom. Narrow, shelved alcoves in the south, west, and north walls hold a collection of items, including: a bottle of wine (1 quart), 6 iron spikes, 12 wooden stakes, a small, empty, iron box, a leather scroll case, a bottle of ink (2 oz.), 18 buds of garlic, a mouldy bedroll, basic lantern, 8 sprigs of wolfsbane, 1 sprig of belladonna, a ½ pound of cheese, a sack of apples, 3 vials of water, a large ball of black string, a leather cloak, and a leather pouch; a sundry of other items lie scattered over a stone table in the middle of the room. Gnoman looks for traps on the scroll case, which he says there aren’t, while James looks for hair on the cloak, he finds one, but it is not the sliver grey, of Elyon, he was looking for. Thorn casts detect magic and finds that the room and the water are magical. That makes the water holy he says.  We take the Belladonna, Garlic, Wolfsbane, Holy Water vials, rations, scroll case and stakes as all will we hope be useful.


Thorn then goes and checks out the mouldy bedroll, as he picks it up he quickly drop it and jumps back. It is full of bugs and flees. With the room full of flees we quickly look for any other ways out and finding none head back to the main entry room with the pillars. As we go we wonder about the gnolls and whether they had turned this into a base and something had happened to them. We wonder what this might mean for Elyon and for us.


We then go to check out the smelly room. This room has partially collapsed and is covered with dust and mouldy reeds on the floor. The sinkhole in the room has a random clicking sound coming from it so we leave this ruined room alone and head back into the main room. James goes to check on the mule and give it some apples.


Now we know there is a secret door here but how are we to open it. Thorn tries out various ideas until one works and the door grinds open.  Thorn then uses his hammer to knock a couple of iron spikes to stop it closing.  As we enter the short corridor and then the room ahead we can not see much. However we do not get far before being attacked by more undead. Thorn was obviously really blessed as all four undead disappear in a flash of fire as he calls on Hombel. That was easier than last time I think. We slowly move around the edge of this room and it turns out to be 45×35 feet roughly with a repeating motif carved into the walls. In the centre of the room is a large granite alter with the same pictograms as the pillar in the grove. Also under the dust on the alter is a glowing object along with a couple of other items.


James casts Clean on the alter and removes all the dust and cobwebs, revealing a glowing sickle, a bronze crown and a wooden cup. As I take these holy druid items, putting the crown on over my helm and seeing just how much light the sickle cats, the others look around. They find three other ways out of this room, two hidden and one secret, the group decide to explore the secret door first. We manage to get the door open and enter dark corridor. With Gnoman going ahead checking for traps etc we reach a closed door. Once he has checked it Gnoman swings the door open and enters through it.


Twang, Gnoman recognises the sound of a crossbow going off and moves quickly, the bolt hits Thorns shield instead.  Then with a loud squeaking sound Gnoman is swarmed by rats.

Over the next 20 seconds poor Gnoman has his left arm badly gnawed by a rat which has grabbed hold of him. Thorn uses his large shield to protect himself but still ends up with a rat trying to eat his head through his helm, however his mace crushes many. James uses his big sword as a thrusting weapon trying to spear rats off off Thron and Gnoman. While this is happening another crossbow bolt hits Thorns shield, traps seem to be common here. Eventually we clear the area of rats, breath deeply from the exhaustion of the fight.


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