Review of “Kisses From a Good God: A Journey Through Cancer” by Paul Manwaring,

A review of Kisses from God

I do not read many Christian books, always thought they would be boring and irrelevant, however this Lent I have read a couple and this is one of them.

A very interesting account of how a Committed Christian dealt with the challenge to his faith from dealing with cancer.

“It is not just in the naming of the daughters that we see the Bride of Christ in the story of Job. After he names them, we learn that “their father gave them inheritance among their brothers” (Job 42: 15). It seems that somewhere in history we lost this. We generally have a culture where the males inherit first, but Job, as I have said, in potentially the oldest book in the Bible, gave the daughters inheritance among their brothers . Not only that, but this inheritance was apparently given before Job died.”

“But here is the good news: I think that when we put our women in their rightful place, we are going to begin to see the Church return to its rightful place.”

“As we battle the principality of disease, we must remember that it is simply darkness, and we are the light of the world. When a culture opposite to heaven’s culture threatens to invade your world, remember to shine His light. Get prayer, worship, eat well, make sure you live in the light of His presence , and go to the doctor. Walk through all of the steps, but take some light, hope, joy, and love with you. They will be your best companions and guides.”

“If there is one lasting message that I would want to convey from this book, it is the message of His goodness. There will likely be things along your path, as there were along mine, that you do not understand. The task is never to allow those things to obscure the goodness of God. Far better would it be that His goodness would be put on display in our lives. Our journeys should testify that He really is good: goodness is the substance of His being . As for me and my journey, His goodness has enabled three generations of male Manwarings to be alive together. We are especially grateful for this!”


Reading this has helped me as I deal with my very long term health issues 17 years and counting. But also how and where God is in it all.

Well worth a read even if you do not suffer from ill health as it shows just how a Christian community. a family and God can make all the difference.


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