The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 2


Part 2

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I spend the night acting as the Ghael barbarian I am making advances on the girls, as the celebrate the midsummer, and getting slapped. It seems that free love is not the way here as it is at home. Although my advances cause problems my wit gets me out of them and smooths it out.  At some point I fall asleep amongest the reviles. I awake in the morning with a couple of rabbits curled up with me. Once awake I head into town to find the others.


I explore looking for some druids but find out from Fenrald the old ranger that druids only visit here now we none staying here any more. After talking to him I find the the others had been to see him as well and that he thinks they went to see Yathlanae at the Crones Cradle, so I head in that direction as well. I bump into the others around the market. They soon fill me in on their adventures since we parted. It turns out they spent the night sleeping outside and Arnost found a half orc girl to go off with, he seems to have left the group for now. James, Gnoman and Thorn headed into town and spent time with Fenrald at the Broken Tusk, James wanted to have his Owlbear hide made into a cloak. Fenrald says he will buy it for 12gp but a cloak will cost 150sp James paid 15sp deposit and will collect in a month. They also talked with Fenrald about the Grune Vel wood and the Moonsongs.  They found out that the wood has a old druid temple to the oak God and where known for human sacrifice, that it is haunted by ghosts of elven warriors and that during the midsummer a hag named Serafine grim roams the forest seeking attractive males to devour, the wood is also home to many pixies who use poison to drive people insane or asleep forever. The area is full of creatures set there by the druids to defend it and includes the local large boars. Lady Moonsong is well known but reclusive, her keep has a half-orc garrison, known as the iron Wolf’s. Her son is a adventurous boy who is the apple of her eye. Everyone loves the boy and his songs and jokes. Thedweel is her personal servant and also loves her son Elyon, but the boy has gone missing and Thedweel is out finding groups who will enter the forest to find him after her own guards failed to return. Gnoman I gather also wandered off, looking for more unlawful people, he came back with a tall tale about Elyon having golden hands after his own had been eaten by a troll. Hands Thedweel found and Lady Moonsong paid for.  I expect he has a buyer if he can get his hands onto the hands.


Once we are all back together we head to the manor on the hill. Moonsong Manor is a three-story keep built on Greenbriar Ridge to the west of town; it is made of white, vine-covered stone and surrounded by a 20 feet high curtain wall set with bronze double doors, each bearing a crescent moon above a silver lyre. Emerald banners hanging from the towers and walls bear the same pictures in silver. We approach the bronze gates and the four half-orc guards standing there. I take the lead but the irrational half-orcs get uppity and draw their weapons, I feel it is going to come to blows before we can get entrance. I hear Gnoman chant and then the lead guard faces down his fellows and tells them to let us in. I assume he used a charm on him, cleaver gnome. Thedweel meets us and apologise for the guards and leads us through the court yard with horse stable and water well in it and then leads us to the great hall. We try to get more information from him but says his mistress will explain all.


The great hall is long and richly furnished with silks and rich woods, as well as the six giant oak trees, made of a red coloured marble, whose branches hold up the ceiling. A otherworldly beauty stands at the far end of a table full of food, Lady Moonsong smiling warmly at us. ‘Sit drink and eat’ she says. So we do and over the meal introduce ourselves as the Hammer and Rose group come at her command. After a while she wipes her mouth stands and address us. “I thank you for answering my summons,” she says. “You appear strong and
capable, certainly, but I can only trust the rescue of my dear, beautiful son to those who are keen of wit and
sharp of mind, not just skilled with sword and spell,” she says. “Many have come before you, and none of them have proven worthy of this task. I present you with just one challenge to prove yourselves cunning enough to face the dangers of Grune Vel Wood and bring back my son. There is a silver robin here in the Great Hall. Find it and bring it down with a single arrow or spell, if you would be the heroes I seek.


James soon spots the sweet bird, helped by my singing, and brings it down for her. She is pleased with our success and so James asks for a letter when we finish the job to add to our recommendations, she agrees. She gives us a credit note worth 500sp to help purchase supplies, it will be accepted in all the stores in town and as Yathlanae at the Crones Cradle is a friend she will also give us a discount.  We thank he and ask about her attempt to use her guards to find Elyon as we have heard that they failed. She tells us that she has not heard back from a group of her guards she sent into the woods and fears that brute strength is not enough to get past the fey. The locals feer the wood and I can not send any more of my men. Elyon was last seen at a place called the Sacred Grove deep in the forest, that will be a good place to start and she gives us a map to guide us there. She says she will pay 100 gold on his return and gives us a potion of healing and a healing balm.


Thedweel guides us out of the manor and gives us a scroll case which he says has the map in it, telling us it is only partially accurate. This is due to the many people who have been in there over the years not always being sure about much afterwards, you can blame the fey for that. Leaving the manor we head back to town to buy what we need. Two weeks rations for four plus the mule, we get that from the Red Boar stables for 100sp off the credit note. We buy a boar spear from Fenrald which James wants me to use but we all agree he is the better warrior to use one, that costs us 30 sliver. WE then go to The Crones Cradle where we use the credit note and the fact of a discount for James and Gnoman to scribe the spells we got before into their books. James manages to scribe both the light spell and Magic Missile into his book, even if it took an extra page to do so. Gnoman fails with the light spell and trying to copy Colour Cascade from James’s book, which is a shame.  The inks etc cost us another 100 sliver.  James also gets us to buy a potion of Boar control which costs another 200 sliver so we have now used up 430sp of the 500 credit.


With our buying done and night calling we decide to rent some rooms at the Red Boar and head off in the morning, this costs another 32 sliver so we are left with only 38 slivers off the credit note.  However at least we have a good meal after the one her ladyship gave us and a nice warm bed for the night.



Morning, we set out with a loaded mule and head to the west and the dark forest. We pass through fields of crops and pigs and soon reach the edge of the wood. There we stop and open the map we where given, imagine our surprise when it spoke to us in an insistent female voice. A magic map well I never. [due to copyright I can not say what it said buy the adventure].  We wondered about what we heard and then I asked it to repeat the message which it did and then it was just a piece of parchment with a map on it. At least it showed us the way to the Sacred Grove, it is a shame that the town did not have a compass we could have bought to guide us, it looks like we will have to relay on Thorn again.  O dear.  We have heard and now can see that the wood is very dense and dark, just as well we all have infravision. James is concerned that that means a giant Boar could charge us before we have even seen it, we must be careful.


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