Review of ‘The Heavenly Man’ by Brother Yan

During the early part of Lent 2017 I have been reading this book about Liu Zhenying known as Brother Yun. The book is his story of how he came to faith in China and the story of his desire to tell others about Jesus. This lead him to be imprisoned, tortured, to be on the run, to be homeless and broke. Yet in all of this he brought many to faith often because they saw how he still praised God even in all his suffering.

This book, brings you to tears over how badly man can treat man, brings you to joy at how God could bless him where he was.

I do not read many Christian books but decide that this lent I would read some. The first turned out to not be about following Christ so was binned quickly, this the second has been a real encouragement to me as I struggle to deal with my health and how I work for and follow Christ.

Even if you are not a Christian this book is worth reading, if only to see how a Christian deals with adversity and suffering. No violence, just forgiveness and repentance. Asking people to pray for the guards as well as him. Lord I pray I could be as faithful.



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