The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2

To find the Son


With time to think we come up with a name for our group, ‘Hammer & Rose’

‘Hammer & Rose’  Contract

1 – Equal shares for all, Items divided by majority vote.

2 – On a death the funereal is paid for by the group; all the deceased  items go to the group and their cash to next of kin.

3 – On Injury the individual pays if they can, then the party will pick up the cost.


Once registered we have been offered jobs acting as guards to merchant groups travelling along the Dragon road visiting its small villages, way stations and towns. Our pay will be 3gp a week less expenses of 3gp for cheep food and lodging a month.  However this will not start till the month of the Delver so we have some time to ourselves. I decide to go and find Donn the Druid Bard at the druid grove 80 miles to the east in the woods. I introduce myself, Donn says ‘you have travelled a long way’ yes ‘from Ghael’ I reply. In this holy place I cast Animal friendship onto my pet Nightjar Lewanna, I can now teach her some tricks I start with ‘Come’ & ‘Seek large’ creatures size 4 plus within a mile then return and hover for ten seconds before returning to the creature and circling. These two tricks take me over two weeks to teach, I donate the gem I found and 7gp to the grove and look to get another javelin and club. Donn gives me them both with his name upon them a high privilege for me.


Once I returned to Greymoor I found out what the other had been up to. Gnoman took up swimming lessons to improve his ability to swim and sent 6gp home to his family. James spent his time with Silva reading up on history and Thorn did what ever dwarfs do while writing letters to sir Poldark and home.


We end up working three weeks during each of the months of the Delver, Wave, Satyr and the first week of the Rose so earn 9gp in hand at the end. During this time James looks out for information on Brigid, finds she is working for a noble now, she is known as pretty and very good, said to be heading to Sliverstone.



Rose 2

We are all in Silverstone with our current contract finished, we hear that Thedweel a gnome is looking for a group of adventurers to help find Lady Moonsong of Gramby’s son. As we are in the area it seems like fortunate luck and better than just being a merchant guard. So Gnoman goes to see him at the inn, Thedweel turns out to be a fellow Gnome. Thedweel explains that Lady Moonsong is a half elf and her son ‘Elyon’ has gone missing in the woods and she wants trusted people to go and find him and bring him home.  He says he is just finding good groups for her to decide on, it will be his mistresses choice in the end. However they are so far the only group he feels who would be up to doing the job, but he might find another who knows. They just need to go to Gramby and go and see her in her manor.  Gnoman comes back and explains to us and we all agree that this is a good job, Gnoman is eager as it will mean passing through his home area of South Borough.


So after we buy a mule, we head south from Silverstone to Gramby around 150 miles away and south of South Borough off the Silverstone Andalon road. We could not get any gold up front for the journey so will have to pay for our own expenses  We stay in private rooms each night and eat well, why not we have some gold left from our last job. For the first 30 miles we are travelling through the lands around Sliverstone and so it is mainly farmland and there are small towns and villages for for us to stay in. We then enter South Borough  a Halfling area with good inns on the main road. Gnoman talks to the locals while James does magic tricks to amuse them. I try to entertain them but get lots of years and insults from their bad hearing, while Gnoman gets loads of cheers especially when he drops his trousers to show his star sign birth mark. There is no accounting for taste.  Gnoman makes us detour a day so he can drop in on his family, he does not seem very emotional as he asks questions about Gramby and Lady Moonsong before asking about his family. We do  find out some things, Gramby is a town of around 2,000 people ruled by the Stavin family and mainly following the Old Ways, it is a farming area but has stores for adventurers due to the closeness of the  Rune Wood Forest and the Iron Forge Mountains both of which draw those with adventure in their hearts. The nearest wood to Gramby is the Grune Vel a area known to be home to the Fey.


After a night of family feasting outside as we can not enter Gnomans family small home we camp out. In the morning we move on with another 6 days to go to reach Gramby, again we make use of the inns on the way, this is getting expensive.  We march day by day through farm land with a small town every 30 miles and a few small inns along the road.


Herday Rose 3

We reach Gramby, during Midsummers Eve, an ancient fertility holiday celebrating the Summer
Solstice marked by public revelry, celebration, and indulgence. During Midsummer the people celebrate the fecundity of nature and the enduring power of the sun with songs, dancing, parades, games, and other public spectacles. The day is hot and breezy, and the blue sky piled high with clouds. Large piles of wood are being erected in the fields surrounding town as the townsfolk prepare for the evening bonfires and revelry; as we arrive, we notice many of the locals wearing honey suckle wreaths around their necks. Arranged just outside Gramby’s stone walls is a large collection of makeshift campsites where groups
of people have gathered to begin their celebrations early; children wearing wood and leather animal masks run through the fields, vendors move among the tents selling pork pies and skins of cheap wine, and couples giddily wriggle together in the shadows of nearby trees. I decide to go and help these fine folk as they prepare for the celebrations.


The others ask around, about Brigid before entering the town, they are still concerned about her, I am not.  They also find out where the Moonstones manor is, its the big white building on the nearby ridge. They then enter the town, the gate guards take a dislike to Thorn due to his faith, he is a cleric of Hombel, but he convinces them of his good faith helped by also being a member of the Fighters guild, he says he will not show his holy symbol while around others. They then wander around the town looking at what is there. Thorn takes an interest in Sorgin’s Steel looking around at the weapons and armour there. James and Gnoman take more interest in the Crones Cradle and its magical stuff. James decides it might be worth swapping the 3rd level spall pages they have for a couple of 1st level ones so asks Serne, the owner, if she would like to. They agree on Magic Missile and Light spells for it and she says to come back in a few hours and they can do the swap. They will still need to scrip them into their own spell books however. Rather than take a expensive room in the crowded town they camp outside with many others and wait for me.

Earlier Chapter here




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