Review of ‘The Star Carrier’ Books 1-3 by I Douglas

The Star Carrier Series Books 1-3: Earth Strike, Centre of Gravity, Singularity  by Ian Douglas

I got these on Kobo to read on my tablet, I like to read non history every so often and these seemed interesting. I also like Sci-Fi in general and have read lots when younger.

These books are a good read, although I have decided not to read the last two in the series for reasons which will become apparent. The books are hard Sci-Fi in that physics and science play a large part, however you do not need to understand it as it is explained simply as you go.

The story is about the struggle of the human race with each other, to some extent, and various aliens who they have been at war with for some time. The books concentrate mainly on the story of the Star Carrier America, its commander and its Fighter Wing as they try to save Earth.

The story goes along at a fair pace, although some things are repeated a lot. For example, even in one of the books you are told how a fighter moves in space more than once, told how many missiles it carries so often I could not say how often. Now its good to be reminded occasionally of such things but quite so often. In the end you start skipping parts to save reading it again. The characters are very believable and you soon start to identify with them, one or two become the center, the heroes say, of the story.

There are some places which left me confused, not with the story but with the logic.  So you have the ability to produce replacement fighters while in deep space, I will not say how you will find that out reading the books, but you have units with old fighters. Why not just spend a few days replacing them with the new ones you build as replacements for lost ones. It makes no sense within the tech of this story that you would have older tech anything.

Having said all that I enjoyed reading the books. The three I read have a story line which comes to an end. Books 4 & 5 seems from the little you get at the end of 3 to almost start again sightly further ahead in time. Well worth reading the three I read, I can’t say about the other two.


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