The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 1 part 5

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Part 5

With James paralysed but aware and in pain I takes control after spending some time tending to him. First I get the others to pick up and move all the papers etc out into the corridor just in case the door resets. I ask them to do this with as little touching of the records as possible, just in case of further traps or curses. I send Thorn to collect the mule and we proceed to load its boxes up with the records, it is dark outside now. As we do this James recovers, it seems that my skill and prayers have worked wonders. He know helps us and finds a Cure Serious Wounds scroll, while Thorn finds a small notebook with arcane writings in, we later find out that these are a Remove Curse; Shadow Monsters and Shock Wave spells.  We give Thorn the divine spell. James has also gained from his contemplation in the memorial, he has changed how he looks at the world and conflict. [He upped his passion Paternal and his Star Sign passion Joyous, fun loving and cruel]


With this done we discuss the disposal of the Owl bear meat, we decide to take it to the Dryads for the local elves. So we drag carry the carcasses outside and Thorn and Arnost butcher them. Unfortunately Thorn slips while working around the teem of one carcass and injures his left arm, I heal it for him.  With a massive pile of meat, in fact enough to feed us for a few months. James casts Preserve onto this pile of meat to stop it going off. We take one hide and some of the meat to the Dryad grove carrying it on a pole I cut carefully from a tree. We reach the Oak trees around the grove around midnight and I sing to the trees, Combining a song of nature and songs of worship, as I sing the Dryad’s come out from the oaks and join in with the singing and start dancing, till all 20 of them are in the grove. I do not realise till morning that I get carried away and sing and dance all night with the dyad’s while my companions go to sleep.


Firday 1 Wolf, Thorn looks after the mule feeding it and I fall into a deep tired sleep, as James feeds his dog Panther some meat. While I sleep James takes all the contents of the boxes out again and looks through it. He finds a picture of Sylvanius (the King) & Elon (the Green General) commanders of the Elven war rolled up in a tube along with two small pictures as well as a divine scroll of Cure Major Wounds, the later he gives to Thorn.  James in a very protective and helpful mode then casts repair on my Lyre and Gnoman’s hand crossbow both of which got broken when we where hit by the shockwave. As my Club and Javelin although damaged where still useable James declined to repair them. However Thorn put his weapon making skill to work and tried to make me a new club but it is not a very good one as he is not used to working in wood and with only a axe to work with. During the rest of the day he then makes a sling from Owl Bear sinew. he turns out to be much better at this and his skill and the sinew produce a effective sling which has slightly more effect on the target than normal.


That evening one dryad comes out and James talks to her in elfish, he wants them to teach him and us things however they point out that it will take a long time and although some of them live a long time and so it will not seem that long Arnost is short lived and anyway James is the only one who speaks elfish. In the end James decides that they need to finish their current duty before doing their own thing. While this talking is going on Thorn sees iron as like trees as he day dreams. I then ask James if he will teach me elfish so I can converse with woodland creatures which will help me in my training as a Druidic Bard. He says he will. We settle down for the night prepared to head back to Silva the sage with his records.


Herday 1 Wolf, the 20 dryad’s wave us off after James and Gnoman cast warmth on all but Arnost. Thorn takes up navigation again and lead us off into the snowy forest. By evening we think he was lost but none of us knew for sure so we camped feed ourselves and the animals and set a guard. The night was quite and next day, Homday, we set off again. Thorn seemed to have a better idea of direction this morning. We walked all day in the snow through the forest, crossing frozen streams. Going around soft ground and camped again that night, now we where sure we were lost as it should have only taken a couple of days to reach the Dragon Road. We had another quite night and set off again next morning, Merday.


Again We had warmth cast to keep us all warm in the cold weather and Thorn set to navigating again, this time he was sure we where heading in the right direction. However a couple of hours later we where surprised by ten Brownies jumping out from trees right next to us. We had not heard them at all. Lucky they turn out to be friendly particularly to Thorn. We share some food with them and then ask them the way to the Dragon road, they look at us laugh heartedly and say they will guide us there as we appear to be lost. So for the next two days the Brownies scout for us and show us the way out of the forest. By the beginning of Yoday we have reached the Dragon road with no encounters or trouble on the way. We thank the Brownies and Thorn says we have to turn right to head back to Greymoor City.


It takes us eight days travel along the Dragon road in the cold snowy weather. and we arrive at Greymoor City at the end of Yoday 2 Wolf after eight days travel. As we enter the gates the guards stop us and say we are under arrest, before long there are 20 plus guards around and we go quietly as we are told we are being charged with assaulting a guardsmen  and being a unregistered group. Thorn asks for a message to be sent to Silva as their patron. He arrives with their guild reps as well and the problem is soon sorted out in front of the magistrate, who dismisses the case. Silva suggests that we ought to register as a group, it is only 5gp annually plus they need to place the terms of the group with the city hall, the guilds and the kingdom get first choice of any high level items found. We do so and although we as yet do not have a name we do have the three contract conditions.

1 – Equal shares for all Items by majority vote.

2 – On a death the funereal is paid for by the group; all the deceased  items go to the group and their cash to next or kin.

3 – On Injury the individual pays if they can then the party picks up the cost.


Silva pays us 100gp and we have gained 75 during our travels, that means we get 35gp each a good 4 months pay. As I am still injured we rest for the next month, I become a lyrist at last and gain my first Old Ways magic. Thorn also becomes a Initiate of Hombel rather than just a lay member gaining access to his six spells.  James casts read magic on the Shock Wave spell and learns it and then pays 10gp to the Mage Guild for inks and such as he scribes it into his own spell book.


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