Review of ‘Being Known’ by Lynda Alsford

This is the second of Lynda’s books ‘He Never Let Go’ being the first.

This one is about her journey of dealing with over eating or more correctly using food to deal with emotions. Therefore it will be of help to any with problems dealing with emotions. Like her first book this is a personal story told simply and easily. He is not a polished book but it has deep truths within it, in the way it is written and in what is says. I knew Lynda at Church Army College and she is a very compassionate and truthful person, so I know I could trust what she was saying in this book.

The book looks at all the things she had done over many years to deal with being overweight, although the same can also be said for those underweight. It takes us through many years of being painfully aware of how others saw her and how she saw herself and the various ways of dealing with that. At one place it moves over to a bit from her other book as she lost her faith at the same time as dealing with all of this.

All in all a good book well worth reading whether you have eating or emotional issues or not. A truthful look into someones life.

Her website is


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