The Stories of Errath the Bard Chapter 1 part 3

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Part 3

Late on Bleday 1 Wolf, I sing trying to inspire the group, Arnost tries ti see if he feels if there is any magic in the are of the doors and statues, he does not think so. James tells Arnost to smash the head of the statue with ahead, he worries it will come to life, ignoring the fact that he is destroying an Elven monument.  Arnost is happy to smash things and so the head is turned to rubble by his mighty hammer. Gnoman checks out the doors, and says they are all clear and tries to push them open, which is quite funny as he is such a small Gnome. Having failed to open the door, he asks James and Thorn about the Drau. James says they are dark and evil once overseers of the Dwarfs. Thorn, a dwarf, says they are the decedents of the Elf’s who over lorded the Dwarfs long time ago. When the Elves withdraw to leave the other races to look after themselves they refused to let the Dwarven overseers back from underground, this lead to a long war which the overseers lost and pushed permanently underground they have become the Drau.  Gnoman wonders which version is true. James realising he will be going underground and having the usual Elfish fear of such casts Calm on himself.


Arnost then pushes the door open and Gnoman enters the memorial. Ahead he sees a 10×15 dusty room with two statues standing either side of the door in this  room, one with arms outstretched, and one kneeling with weapons lying at its side both are covered in dust and cobwebs.  James recognises them as

statues of “Peace” and “Forgiveness.”  Ahead is a huge cobweb coated carved wooden doors which have no locks on them. The carved relief on the door is of two elves reaching out to one another. Gnoman checks out the dusty room and pushes open the large twin doors.


He moves into a corridor which is very dark, so using his tunnel sense he moves carefully down it, after about 20′ he comes to a alcove and goes back to the others. James carries a lantern and him and Gnoman go back down, the alcove has a tiered rack in it. On the rack hang several heavily tarnished dusty bronze headbands, only 4 of which are still intact many more lay bent or broken around the racks. Gnoman has some digs at James before James remembers that Elvish museums he visited as a child with his parents used bands like this as a guide.  So James picks up a headband and puts it on.


James hears in Elvish – Welcome to the memorial, enjoy your visit.

Please proceed either left or right, ahead is the restricted library, please get permission and the key from the guardians.

            “It all began as a feud between two Elven groups and raged for years. Both sides suffered many casualties. Finally, a great king of Nith rose to power and brought an end to the war. To be sure future generations did not forget the cost of civil war, the king had a memorial built as a reminder of the price paid in blood. When the king died, he too was entombed in this memorial.”


Gnoman grabs a headband and puts it on and all he hears is gibberish, he does not speak Elvish.  The two of them go left with the others following, looking for the guardian for the key. After checking out the door we enter the room. Against the north wall of this 25×25′ room is a sculpture depicting an angry elf dealing a blow to another elf on her knees, trying to protect an elven child. Whatever weapon the elf had been holding has been broken off. Carved into the base of the sculpture is the phrase “Remember the Cost” in Elven, which James reads to us. In front of the sculpture is a stone bench that has been broken in half. There is also a large pile of detritus in this room, the dust has been disturbed a lot here. A collapse in the west wall reveals a cave which a draft is coming from. To the east is a door. The Head Band says -This room is the Hall of Reflection, it shows how the dark powers can make us act in a unelvish way. Spend time reflecting on the cost of unfettered war on the weak. James sits and reflects on this while the other guard the cave and search the room.


The search finds 1200cp; 700sp; 2 bracelets; and 6 gems, when James wakes from his reflection he suggests we burry the coin back by the broken statue and divide the rest between us. With a twinkle in his eye he also casts Polish on Thorns armour making it sparkle. Gnoman checks the door out and fails to push open the door, however as ever Arnost does. The sarcophagus in this room stands open and empty. The cracked lid depicts a sallow Elven man in a black cloak. There are several benches along the walls. The Head Bands say –This room holds the tomb of Vestivus a general of the Black, he was resolute in his war on the Greens holding no device or depth of war out of bounds even to using Orc’s and dark magic. Sit and contemplate the way of war and the darkness it brings to all creation. James tells them all to leave as the Dark general has got up from his coffin.  So they rush out shutting the door behind them. As they do they see at the rubble cave in a large creature with 4 smaller ones, it looks like a bear and a owl. It is a Owlbear and its cubs.


The Owlbear growls and rears up intimating us, or at least trying to. I turn to run away back towards the closed room of the broken tomb. The others all foolishly stand in shock. By the time I have recovered my wits it is all over. The poor beast has been slain, I hear by Arnost cutting its hindquarters with his thrown axe and then beating it down with his hammer as it bleed out. Three of the cubs went down to James and Thorn, with Gnoman trying to help with his Burning hands, he also took a raking hit across his back from a cub which was bleeding. Arnost was badly injured, by blows which would have killed me. I used my healing skill on Gnoman to stop the bleeding from what turned out to be hardly a wound.  However Arnost’s wounds needed him to use up his Extra Healing potion. With one very big Owlbear and 3 smaller ones James thought about cloaks and boots.


What else we will meet in this place?


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