A Look Back at 2016

Well what a year…

As I expected, even if it was not what I wanted, we voted to leave the EU. [see here] The debate was heated and full of deceit on both sides and has left a split in our country. Who knows how that will pan out over the next few years. Will Scotland stay in the UK how will leaving effect the rest of the UK.

Then we had the United States also go through a very divisive election and the unthinkable happened. Most of us think the worse of this but who knows but our savor what it will mean.

Then we have have many continuing wars but with the good news of a peace in Columbia. We can only pray that it will hold and that others will see the benifit of talk bringing peace rather than killing and hatred bringing just more of the same. These wars have also brought refuges needing support, homes and aid. The response has been patchy, some countries like Germany have opened their borders and their homes, others like the UK have ermed and arred  but done little even as their citizens have given to aid agencies. We can only pray that 2017 will bring more aid to those who have suffered so much.

There is also a continuing shift of countries towards the extreme right, bringing with it xenophobia, hatred of those different form themselves as well as more greed from those in power. We can only pray that those without power will not suffer from this shifting position.

Then 2016 was the year we lost many household names from music and the arts. They are remembered but many die each day often forgotten by all but those who loved them. We pray for them all in there loss.

During all this I thank God for having a home, food and a wife and mother. Also I have the Love of Jesus and the support my my church. Even if like many I have to struggle with my health day by day.

I pray that each of you will know that love of God which passes all of our understanding. That this New Year will bring you new opportunities to show love to your fellow man and that you will be blessed in unknown ways.

May God bless you as you start a new year.


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