The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 5 Part 4 Tyras to Sinope

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 5

Part 4 Tyras to Sinope

Having vitteled the ship, they do a bit of personal shopping before they honour the gods in particular Poseidon by pouring a libation into the sea. They leave the next morning on a flowing tide, rowing out of the harbour with many found farewells and blessings coming from those they have helped over the last six months. Once out of the harbour they put the sail up and sail downstream to the estuary and then the open sea. With the next Greek city, Istros, around 35 leagues away they know they will have to camp on the shore so keep an eye out for a good beach to ground onto.  As the day ends they find a beach and row the ship onto the sand. They then set up two fires for cooking and as watch fires, and with one of the heroes always on guard with at least two crew they settle down for the night. The only disturbance is the sound of the night creatures which they ignore.


Day two they wake to a sea mist and no wind, after breakfast they row off the beach and continue towards Istros still a fair days row away. However as the morning draws on a light wind blows up dispersing the mist and allowing them to use their sail instead of the oars. They reach Istros mid afternoon and enter the cities harbour paying the ten drachmae harbour tax, they get a receipt so that they can have the family cover the cost. They decide that they will do this at each harbour as they travel the coast. With part of the afternoon and the evening free they allow the crew some time ashore, knowing they will return due to the sliver they have on board the Iris. Archi, Barypos and Telamon all head for the gymnasium to get news and information while relaxing. They find out the names of all the cities on their path and that Istros is selling grain at 1.5D a amphora but not buying.  They also enquire about pirates and are told that it is still early for them to be about however there is a report that Byzantium and Sinope have agreed on joint anti piracy patrol’s. As they tell stories about their travels and hear the stories of the locals the evening passes. They even hear tell of centaurs but needing to get to Sinope they decide that they can not go and investigate.


Next morning they take their breakfast and then row out into the choppy sea, with a high wind it means they must go slowly to avoid being swamped. Tomis is only 7 leagues away so that is not a problem for them.  Again when they reach Tomis they enter the small harbour and pay the tax getting another receipt. Archi wants to seek knowledge of the local seas and Barypos meanwhile entertains the locals with his lyre playing, he gets much praise for it as well. The next day is sunny and claim so they have to set the crew to rowing heading to Kallatis just 8 leagues away. They now make sure that there is also a watch on the bow as well as the helmsman at the stern. They row all day and reach the harbour late afternoon, Archi decides that he should make a atlas of the coast and starts writing down the details of the coast and the journey in his native Doric. The next day is cloudy and breezy and the head to Odessos 20 leagues away at a good speed. They pass fishing boats on the way and Archi continues his atlas. Once in Odessos Telamon decides he wants to have some exercise and goes to the gymnasium to wrestle.


The wrestling match, Telamon faces off against Aetes once they have both oiled up. Aetes delays waiting to see what Telamon does. Telamon attacks at is blocked by Aetes who then attacks back tripping Telamon and throwing him to the ground. Amid laughter he gets to his feet and prepares for a rematch.  Once ready they face off again. Again Aetes waits upon Telamons attack, and again he parries Telamon and tries to trip him. Only this time Telamon is ready for him and keeps his footing. Aetes then attacks and Telamon parries with no real effect.  Aetes attacks first next sequence, going for a hand strike, and is parried by Telamon.  Telamon responds with a hand strike which Aete fails to parry and the mighty strength of Telamon packed into his fist lands on Aetes head knocking him  senseless and winning the second bout.  A while later after some drink and time to recover they go for a third round.  Another set of attacks and parries and Telamon manages to grab Aetes left arm and dislocate it.  After a good workout and finding that he can manage wrestling even with his damaged left arm, Telamon is a happy man.


Next day starts misty and calm so its rowing again, as they head towards Mesembria 15 leagues away, around midday the wind comes up and the mists lifts. Around midday they see a merchant ship much like the Iris which appears to be in trouble, its sails are ripped and the mast damaged, they signal for help. Our heroes arm themselves and then order the ship to close to within hailing distance making sure a sailor up their mast can see into the approaching ship. After finding what help they need they decide that they can tow them to a beach they passed a while back. So the other ship sends its boat over to pick up a line and the Iris rows towards the beach pulling the other ship behind them.  This is hard work for the crew but they know it could be them one day. With a rocky reef to pass to get to the beach Telamon helps out on the helm using his great strength to swing the Iris around. Beaching the ships they hand over two days worth of supplies so the other crew can  manage to get to a nearby village for help. Leaving them there they sail along to another cove and beach for the night there, setting up a full guard just in case.


Next day they continue their passage to Mesembria which they reach around miday. Archi continues to work on his atlas he also decides to  improve his Thracian by buying a Thracian slave girl. young and attractive. He bargains for one and gets her for 112D, she does not know Greek so their is a lot of time spent together learning a new tongue or something, whatever it is his atlas does not improve. They spend a whole extra day here to rest the crew after their extra exertions.  Next day they set off to Byzantium passing Apollonia on their way, with fishing boats out and about. Late afternoon they see a merchant ship much like the Iris which appears to be in trouble, its sails are ripped and the mast damaged signalling for help. Our heroes arm themselves and then order the ship to close to within hailing distance making sure a sailor up their mast can see into the approaching ship.


As the new ship has no boat they row within 10m to shoot a line over. As they sort out the tow line and discuss where to tow them… A salvo of javelins hit the Iris one impaling Telamon in his left leg and two others catching Archi in his chest and left arm. There are ten Thracian pirates on the Dark Moon.

Barypos responds with a Akon aiming at the leader and hitting him in the head and overboard. The pirates stand bemused, they expected their leader to order the merchants to surrender. Jason losses a arrow hitting the helmsmen in the chest, while Telamon fighting through the pain throws a Akon at anoth pirate catching him in the right arm and he falls overboard.

Barypos throws a second Akon impaling another pirate in the left leg even through its parry. One pirate cuts the ships apart while the others dive for cover ordering the slaves at the oars to row. Jason load his bow while Telamon throws another Akon but misses.

Barypos orders the crew of the Iris to row and the two ships start to pull apart.


Barypos moves to do first aid to his injured friends, he fails in his attempt to safely pull the javelins from Archi and Archi falls unconscious with serious wounds to chest and leg. Barypos does however manage to deal with the javelin in Telamon without causing any more damage.   That night they rest at anchor as there is no easy shore to beach on. Next day they finish the journey to Byzantium, pay the harbour tax report the pirates and ask for a healer. The healer turns out to be very able and patches Telamon up quickly with only a few days needed for recovery with the use of his healing balms. Archi is also tended to but will need a week of care to fully recover. With the injurers tended to They sort out selling their grain cargo they are directed to the Trader Doson and Archi and Barypos negotiate a selling buying price, they agree on 4 1/2D a profit of 3 1/4 per amphorae. This gives each of the companions 386D each and the crew around 75D each not a bad return on their investment on top of the sliver they got for selling the original cargo.  With a week to wait for Archi to fully recover from his injuries they have to pay a weeks harbour tax. Archi also between the care of his slave and the healer finishes off his atlas and hopes to sell it to the harbour, unfortunatly they do not want a Doric guide to the coast. With a empty ship they decide to get some passengers for the last part of their voyage, they find seven people who need transport one to Heraklea and the other six all the way to Sinope. They beat down the original price to 3D a day with storage and food.


So seven days after arriving they leave Byzantium heading along the Pontic coast heading towards Heraklea and then on to Sinope. Dropping off their first passenger they continue along the coast and seven days later reach Sinope. After paying off the crew and disembarking the passengers they ask about Telamon the Gold’s family so they can see his eldest son Eurastanos and his daughter Hermestone and tell them about their fathers passing. They think it would be best if they can arrange to have a older family member there but with all the older males dead they get their grand mother to join them when they met up. While they do that the city pays them 500D for the ship Telamon the Gold got them to pick up and take control off. The companions complain a lot about that but realise they can do nothing as the city has the ship and could have just not paid them as well. As Telamon died, the characters have a great deal of explaining to do to his family as they returned to Sinope lot of sliver for the family having taken their share along the way. His eldest son Eurastanos and his daughter Hermestone want to know what happened to their father and what the companions where doing. So they have to explain about the curse, the priestess and the island of savages and how he gave his life to save his son and future males of the family. The letter of Telamon will help and Eurastonos and Hermestone grieve and hold a celebration of their fathers life. Eurastonos is secretly please the family curse is lifted but at such a cost.


The family do not pay what the heroes promised by there father, as they have paid themselves from selling the cargo. In fact they claim that the characters have robbed them by keeping the proceeds from the sale without taking on the cost of buying in the first place. Although the family accept the story told them they still hold them responsible for their father’s death and makes sure all of Sinope knows this as well. After all they were there to take care of him, and their father is the only loss from the voyage. The companions in response pay for a number of symposium each with 30 important citizen quests. They do this ten times so covering the 300 movers and shakers on Sinope. At these symposium they tell their story and Barypos uses his oratory to convice them of their side of the story rather than the families view point. This sets them back 300D but they see that as cheaper than a bag reputation or having to pay for the cost of the good they sold.


With a lot of sliver in their belts the companions split up Jason heading for Crete to join the temple of Apollo and become a  full member, Telamon heads to Thebes to find a temple to Hercules to do the same and I Barypos head to Athens to be further initiated into the Mysteries. Archi decides to head for Alexandria and the centre of research there. We agree to met up in a year at Alexandria to catch up and decide on our next step.


How will we each get on and what does the future have in store for me and my companions. Find out in my next book.

Earlier parts of the story can be found here 


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