A Advent thought

While reading a letter from Mark Russell [Chief Executive & Community Leader of Church Army] I came on these two parts. Each speaks to me in different ways.

“We know that darkness does not exist in itself; it is the absence of light. Therefore one single light can and will shatter and dispel darkness, and this Advent we focus our thoughts on the light of the world who does shatter and dispel darkness.”

This made me think back to the start of all things, The Big Bang if you like. Darkness was shattered by the voice of God bringing light into creation. The start of the bible the story of God and His love for us. In the beginning was darkness, or the lack of light, and one small light started a process of creation, this light was Christ.

“So this Advent, please don’t get so caught up in busyness of doing for Christmas that we don’t take the time and the silence to reflect on the Old Testament scriptures, to ponder what it really meant for Jesus to be born, to really consider what the world would look like if Jesus hadn’t been born; if light had not come.”

If God had not started the process of creation, using the light of Jesus then we would not exist. All would still be dark and there would be no life. Christmas is about remembering the coming of that light to be among us to help us shine God’s light into the darkness of the world around us.
“Finally Advent reminds us that God did not sit in heaven with a loud-hailer and scream to earth that he loves us. Advent reminds us that God came to us, God became flesh, God entered our world, God was one of us. Advent reminds us that God is a God of action, a God who moves closer to us. Advent challenges us to action, to move closer to those in need, to show them God’s love, for us to be incarnated into the lives of the poor, the homeless, those in need. Advent calls us to be agents of justice, peace, righteousness and grace. Advent calls us to be a light shining in the darkness.”

SO I pray that as you move through Advent towards Christmas you will be able to spread the light of Christ, the light bringer, to all you meet. Shredding the darkness of this world and helping those mired in that darkness to see the light.



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