The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 5 Part 3


The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 5

Part 3 Tyras

With Jason and Archi on top of the spire and unable to see the Griffins, the day moves on and as the evening draws close it starts to get cold up on the spire. Down below the riders and Barypos can be seen making camps and preparing food. The spire sitters start to feel the cold but shrug it off. [passed endurance rolls] Once it is dark the temperature falls below freezing and the five on the spire again manage to deal with the cold, however Archi finds it hard to stay alert due to the cold. A few hours after dark, Jason hears and sees movement.  Its the Griffins flying off their spire, he snaps off a arrow into the dark sky praying to Apollo. The god hears his prayer and the arrow strikes one of the griffins in its right wing. However it dosn’t seem to slow it down and they disappear into the night sky before he can alert the others.


Spending the rest of the night atop the cold spire, wondering if the griffins will return, eventually dawn comes and then a weak autumn sun to bring a little warmth. Once it is light enough they decide to climb back down the spire.  By this time Archi was feeling the effect of the cold night and was shivering. Archi has a look at the way down but things maybe he will wait a while. Jason suggests that they lower him some of the way. They do not have enough rope to even get half way. But Archi still will not go over the edge. So Jason goes over the edge and scampers down the rock face. The three Thracians think about it and then climb slowly down. As this leave poor Archi along on the top he decides he needs to go down. He gets around half way and freezes for a while before getting enough courage to finish the climb down.  As soon as he reaches ground he runs over to a fire has something to eat and goes to sleep.


Jason meanwhile is determined to see the Griffin nest and starts to climb their spire. He is quickly half way up but then gets stuck before finding a way to the top. Barypos seeing what Jason is doing follows his up and also get stuck half way up before reaching the top. As he gets to the top Barypos asks, ‘what’s the plan? you dashed off like a Cretan’. Looking around they see a spire top with a bunch of bushes on it. In the middle the bushes have been squashed flat and a nest formed. Jason is out of luck as there are no eggs of young in the nest.  They both now need to get back down the spire. Jason again goes first but finds finding the right way down difficult and then also gets stuck half way again however he does make a save climb to the ground. Barypos has even more difficulty finding the way down but does not get stuck half way. He slips near the bottom but luck provides a vine to grab hold off.


The two of them have breakfast and rest with Jason getting lots of praise for his archery and climbing skills the Thracians are very impressed. With breakfast done and the climbers recovered the whole hunting group heads back to the main camp. When they get there the Greeks are told that there will be a meeting tomorrow morning to deicide on the future actions.


Duras and the chiefs meet with the Greeks, Archi uses his oratory to convince the Thracians.  His words making a linked story of the recent actions by them draw the barbarians into seeing their plan as the best way forward.  When the time to decide comes the chiefs agree with the Greek plan. Duras then gives Archi, Jason and Barypos gifts of a well made and decorated bow, case and arrows along with a splendid horse. The group are very pleased with these gifts although they agree that as Jason is the only archer he can have most of the arrows and they will just keep the bows as a trophy. The next day they head back to Tyras with Duras and a escort of 50 warriors.


There approach throws the city into a panic, until the party stops and lets the Greeks go forward on their own. Entering the city they explain about the barbarians as they are welcomed back.  The city elders are surprised to see them expecting never to see them again.  They arrange for food to be sent out to the barbarians and a invitation to Duras to meet with the city tomorrow.  The next morning they meet with Eryx and Barypos telling their story convinces him of their plan totally. That night they entertain Duras and his chiefs.


Over the next few days Archi invites the movers and shakers of the three senate groups to informal symposiums.  In the first one he has the Hippis group and using flattery convinces them to support the plan. Evening 2 he has the Marcion faction who just roll over in their eagerness to support the plan. The third evening is for the independents who he expects more problems with but his smooth tongue wins them over to the plan as well. With the main movers of the senate all signed up Archi is sure the plan will pass.


The next day the senate votes on the plan, a short discussion is followed by a vote with only four who do not vote for. With the plan passed Eryx proposes that the four plan makers are given citizenship of the city and a gold idol of a horse each.  The heroes say they are happy to be honorary citizens or friends of the city rather than full citizenship with all the ties that brings. But will support the city in their travels and not do anything to hurt it, while gaining the ability to trade from the city with no extra taxes.


For the next months of winter the four of them train, rest and enjoy the city. Telamon spends this time fully recovering from his wounds. Meanwhile the crew get used to having some cash and the freedom to spend it, the harbour tavern does well as does the loose women of the city.


Spring comes, and Jason talks over with the others about getting a cargo to trade as they head back to Sinope. After a bit of heated discussion they decide to just buy grain to sell at Byzantium as they had heard it was after extra grain imports. They then ague over how to pay for this cargo, in the end they decide to split the cost of buying and therefore the profits  to half for the family, quarter to the crew and quarter to the heroes. So they buy 1,900 amphora of grain at 1 1/4 D each.  They also buy stores for the expected three week trip, Jason says they need to buy five weeks just in case. This for the whole crew costs 520D or 130 from each of the heroes.  They are now ready to sail home.  What might happen on this long trip?

Earlier parts of the story can be found here 


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