The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 5 Part 2


The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 5

Part 2 Tyras


So our heroes go to see Eryx, the city leader, it takes a while for them to get to see him but they do effectually. Barypos and Jason are the ones to visit him having spend some time singing to each other. However no matter their arguments Eryx will  not support their plan while the city is being threatened. So once the three are back together, Telamon still being totally out of it as his arm slowly heals, they decide they need to go and talk to Duras the Thracian.  So Archi goes to find out about their customs and what they need to do to approach safely. Talking to Keteus he finds out they need to take an appropriate gift for him and his wives. He also starts to learn Thracian from Mardonius their slave, so he can speak with Duras himself. They buy a suit of fine linen Armour for Duras worth 100D but they get it for 50, which is less than they sold it for when they arrived. They also spend 75D getting 100D of gifts for the wives as well as 10D for gifts to give to others a s needed. After a week or so of learning Thracian Archi and Barypos go to see about getting some horses for the journey. They go and see Iros, the horse commander, and he decides he will join them bringing two others with him and 15 horses along with supplies as he wants to see Duras and his camp.


A while later they set out from the city 7 riders, Mardonius, Jason, Archi, Barypos, Iros and two guards with two horses each and one for the gifts ect. As they leave the city walls they ride through farms and fields bare after the harvest, some of the small farming folx wave to them as they go. As the first day starts to come to an end they see some Thracian riders ahead who they close with, with spears reversed in a sign of peace. Archi tries out his Thracian on them and gets them to understand, with Mardonius help, that they want to see Duras giving him a small gift as they do so. The patrol leader sends one of his men with them to guide them to the camp. They ride for a few more hours and then camp with their guide.


Next morning they set off again heading in various directions as they leave the farms around the city and head into the river lands. passing groups of Thracian barbarians along the way. They camp again that night away from others. The next day they head off again in a different direction changing route every so often not meeting any other pickets until they come across a large camp of horses herd animals and wagons scattered around a central Yurt.  They have reached the camp of Duras. They give a gift to the guide who goes to report while they wait. They are told to camp nearby and wait. Archi try’s out his Thracian on the locals and they laugh. However a young girl takes pity on him and comes over to help him understand the differences in their tongue. Over the next few days they are fed fruit, flat cakes, honey etc and milk and visited by many of the tribe wanting to look at these strange people. They then get taken to see Duras.


Duras receives them in his yurt along with three other chiefs Bergaios; Cisseus, Thrax;  and there women over a drink and nibbles Duras says that negotiations are better done over some time while engaging in normal activities. So the next two days will involve riding, Athletics, range weapons and oratory the out comes of which will influence how the leaders will vote. So riding comes first, over the morning they engage in various riding activities. Including jumping, speed riding , mounting and dismounting at speed and so on.  Duras, Bergaios, Archi and Iros performed well while the others did not manage so well loosing a little face. The afternoon was given over to athletics running, jumping, throwing etc however this time the Greeks prepared with some singing. This time the Greeks came out best with Jason, Barypos and Archi all doing well along with Bergaios and Thrax of the Thracians. The evening is spent drinking and watching the dancing girls. Next morning its ranged weapon use. The Thracians expect to do well in this. As it turns out the Greeks did better except Iros who dislocated his arm throwing a akon. He claims he hurt it yesterday jumping in the afternoon but didn’t want to cry off. Of the Thracians Duras and Thrax did not do well. After some lunch it was down to more serious talks, Archi was expecting this to be the area he excelled best at. In fact he and Barypos swept the field even with the disadvantage of  language. That evening they had a vote and it was a tie, which was good for the Greeks but not quite good enough.


During the activities the companions have learnt that Duras’s tribe has been having trouble with losing heard animals like cattle and sheep and even some horses to a Lion which seems to swoop in and kill. So  it is suggested that they could help dealing with it. Some reports have said it flies in and that there might be two of these creatures. They are reported to be at least half as big again as a lion. The companions wonder if they have heard right and get it all repeated again. But they heard right it seems a large flying lion is attacking the herds. They put there heads together and realise that this might be a pair of Griffins a very rare creature.  Next day Jason does a divination to find where he might encounter them but fails to find anything from reading the birds. While Jason is busy with his divination Archi goes off to talk with the locals, with his basic Thracian tongue, about the local are looking for areas where these griffins might roost. It turns out there are two areas, one a group of rocky spires to the north Both are likely areas for these creatures.  Archi then tells the herders to keep a eye out for unusual tracks or occurrences. A couple of days later they report a shadow over the land seen heading north after an attack, and in the morning they find blood on the ground also heading north. Meanwhile Jason had been collecting data on the attacks and found that although they where not all in the same direction the majority where to the north. So it is to the northern spires they will go.


Duras and 50 of his horse archers join Archi, Jason and Barypos, Iros is still recovering, saddle up and head north. They reach the area of the spires after travelling about 5 leagues, ahead they can see 6 spires around 150′ high and about 100′ apart. They are set in a rocky area with only some scrubby bushes around. Jason, Barypos and Archi go to look for bones while the Thracians wait. Jason and the nearby Braypos find bones at the bottom of one of the spires. Barypos gets a strange feeling and throws himself  onto the ground rolling away. He feels a blast of air as wings beat the air around him and claws rake where he was. A griffin has swopped down at speed just missing him. Jason, around 30′ away, spots this movement from the corner of his eye and having been walking around with a arrow in his bow fires off a snap shot. This hits the soaring griffin in its right wing sticking in its feathers.


Quickly Archi and Barypos also respond.

Archi starts to load his sling, as the griffin soars 180′ upwards. Jason also starts to reload and Barypos stands.


However before they can do anything the griffin had disappeared to the top of the spire.


The companions withdraw to the Thracians and they decide on a plan of action. They close back with the spires and choose one near by. With most of the Thracians sitting guard on their horses four of them and Jason and Archi climb the nearby spire. Jason gets half way and stops looking around for the griffin and trying to find the way up the hardest part. After a while he works it out and finishes his climb. Archi following him also has to stop when Jason does but then scoots past him in a flourish of climbing skill. The four Thracians struggle, well they do spend more time on a horse, and only three of them back it up the forth giving up at the bottom. Now on the top of the spire Jason Archi and three Thracians look around, 120′ or so away is the griffin lair but they can see nothing as it is covered in bushes blocking their sight.



What will be the outcome of this climb?

See next time

Earlier parts of the story here


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