37th Anniversary Pic’s – well a few of very many

Took nearly 200 pictures today our 37th wedding anniversary.

37 years with a wonderful person who loves me so very much and who I love second only to Jesus.

Today we walked the beach and saw some sand sculptures, had a pasty and then a lovely Italian meal before driving home in the dark.

A tired but very happy husband.

wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-4 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-5 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-14 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-17 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-25 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-27 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-30 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-42 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-44 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-50 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-55 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-57 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-61 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-73 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-79 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-89 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-99 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-114 wsm-22-09-16-37th-wedding-116 wsm-sept-2016-9 wsm-sept-2016-14 wsm-sept-2016-17 wsm-sept-2016-21 wsm-sept-2016-29 wsm-sept-2016-33 wsm-sept-2016-41 wsm-sept-2016-45 wsm-sept-2016-50 wsm-sept-2016-55 wsm-sept-2016-57 wsm-sept-2016-62 wsm-sept-2016-66


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