The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 4 IAXOS [Part 2]

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 4  


The adventures in Hellenistic times of four adventurers

[set in 270bc]  Other chapters here

Part 2



The group are sat on the temple floor as time passes, women old and young as well as old men come and go some bringing food and drink to the warriors or to you. The sun goes down and the servants light some tapers which shed a flickering dim eerie light around the shrine. Then the servants bring out small drums which are used slowly at first,  building up with the voices of all the others joining in. Its the same song they heard when down the hill last night. Then they see the worshipers look at the statue as they sing and then they start to dance. [the steps are the same as those seen on the pillars].  After a hour or so the sinning and dancing stops followed by the drumming slightly later. The drums and drummers disappear behind the statue again. Archi asks T/G how long he things they might have to wait Jason, who spent a lot of time in a temple, says it can be days. T/G moves to a corner and gets himself comfortable and goes off to sleep, it is obvious that he is getting more and more tired. The rest surround him and make camp as best they can. Mardonius lies next to T/G and Telamon says he will stay on guard in armour while the others sleep or rest as best they can. Telamon decides to keep himself awake, a problem they have had before, by singing and reciting Homer.  After a while the tapers go out and the temple is thrown into darkness broken by the odd gleam from the moon. The savage warriors sleep in rotation or as much as Telamon sees once it goes dark. In the end he does not wake Barypos and stays awake till the sun breaks through the dark of the night flooding in through the open west end of the temple.


Day 25 – As they wake they are brought fruit, water, oil  and rough bread Jason thanks the servants for their service while Archi checks for poisons. As T/G wakes Archi checks him out and finds he is still getting weaker. although the rest has picked him up a little. After this food Telamon has a rest to make up for being up all night, he intends to sleep for at least six hours. Jason goes onto the balcony to do his divination by looking at the birds. However with Jason sleeping he decides to wait until he wakes as he needs him as a witness. After some time Telamon wakes and wonders where breakfast is, just around the time some food is brought out for lunch.


A little later early afternoon Jason leads Telamon, Barypos and the slave Mardonius go onto the balcony. Barypos sings a Rhapsodoi for a hour with Jason as the target to help him receive inspiration for the divination. Jason then appeals to Apollo for aid and then looks at the birds and divines that Oora will come out in three hours time and will fall in love with T/G. [Use of luck and divine aid]


Time moves on and on queue Oora comes into the temple. She climbs the steps to the platform with the statue of Adrestia and stands beside it. As she climbs the savages move to be able to see her and watch. Telamon the Gold and the companions move to stand in front of the statue. Oora raises her arms and speaks. “Telamon Adrestia loves you and your courage in coming here to her. In that light you joining her will suffice to lift your curse.” Oora stand smiling and waiting. Telamon the Gold responds “I agree”, he has decided that his love of family mainly his son outweighs any other passion he has even self survival.  Archi starts a speech to commemorate the event and soon has even the savages listening at the tragic tale he tells. Telamon says he supports T/G decision while Jason says its his choice.  As Archi finishes Oora says “tonight you will join Adrestia” and leaves the area again.


Archi decides to help T/G by creating a sedative to dull any pain he might recive and to help him with the wait. While he does that T/G asks for parchment which Archi gives him and writes out a letter to his family. It went ‘My companions Barypos, Telamon, Archi and Jason and the crew of the Iris have taken me to remove a curse on the family. I have reached an agreement which will I think cost me my live but allow Eurastonos and his children to live out his life without worry. ………………….. Please pay my companions the 100 drachma each I offered them for escorting me. Also please pay off the crew of the Iris and make sure that the city pays them for the galley.  No one is to blame for my future or my death but me and I go willingly.’ He then writes messages to his son and daughter as well which I do not need to repeat here.


Evening comes with the light from the sun going and the temple lit by the flickering tapers, again. Oora again comes to the platform and all gather around.  Oora raises her hands and starts to chant, as she does the statue of Adrestia starts to creak and groan as the joints of its arms and legs start to move. Before long the statue is following Ooras dance moves as it comes to life.  The  statue moves down the steps towering over the worshiping savages and the companions. Archi, who does not believe in gods, gets his mind working on what might be happening.


The Statue of Adrestia moves towards Telamon the Gold and with her shield arm picks him up and then swings her sword arm across to crush him to her torso. Blood runs down the front of the statue as the life is crushed out of him. The savages cheer while the companions stand shocked at the un Greek deity actions they see before them. As Telamon dies Oora calls “is that all”.


Archi decides this is a clever trick using suggestion and engineering.  Oora calls out again, ” all who do not worship Adrestia must die”. Telamon refuses stating this is a perversion of Adrestia she is not like this at all. Archi” worship a construct that is not real never”. Jason, ” all hail Adrestia as daughter of Ares” and asks Apollo for inspiration. He receives a hazy picture of a arrow the statue and a dancing  women.


The statue moves towards Telamon and combat ensues as he resists.

Archi reacts quickest and starts to run towards Oora while drawing his Kopis sword. Oora dances away from Archi, while Barypos readies a akon and Jason readies his Kopis sword and shield. Telamon decides he is going to move away from the statue by disengaging, the statue strikes with its massive sword to hit him as he does so. The statue hits Telamon in his left arm, smashing it, as he reacts to the attack by using his Pankration Combat Style and calling on Hercules to pull on the sword arm tripping the statue over and into the empty pool beside him. [Lots of luck used here] With a slow but ungraceful fall the statue drops into the 3m deep pool making a loud noise as it does.  The savages close onto the companions.

Archi continues to move after Oora, who continues to dance away heading for her private area. Barypos throw his akon and hits Oora in the left leg dropping her to the ground. Jason leaps over through the savages in his way to get away from having his back to the pool and move away from the savages spears.  As he does he calls on the savages to give in, it is obvious that this is not a real god. Telamon moves from the pool area and collapses to the floor. Eight savages start to run away while two attack Mardonius and another two the prone Telamon.  Mardonius manages to disarm one savage and the other misses, while poor Telamon takes a spear into a leg.

Archi now on the plinth uses his oratory to call on the savages pointing out that the statue has fallen as has Oora. The savages throw down their spears and bow to him.

Five seconds and the combat is over, but at what cost? Both Telamons are down and one is defenatly dead.


The savages after bowing to Archi start to leave the area while Archi runs to tend to Telamon. With Barpos help he stabilises Telamon’s major wound to his arm and then gets to trying to repair the  damage. As Archi works on him it becomes apparent that Telmaon put his hand in the way of the sword blow this has caused the loss of three fingers, which Archi has sown back, on as well as muscle damage to the rest of the arm. Archi doubts Telamon will ever grasp a sword in that hand again or have any great use of his left hand. [lose 2 HP in Left Arm, any manipulation is at hard with this hand] Use of his bow will be hard but he could always hold a shield on that arm parrying with difficulty but able to use it passively with ease. Even with Archi’s skill it will be a long time before Telamon recovers consciousness or even be able to use arm partially.


Now what will happen?

Will the crew of the Iris be happy and where will they want to go?

Who will navigate the Iris with Telamon dead?

How will Telamon’s family respond?





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