Review of ‘The Dread Wyrm’

Review of ‘The Dread Wyrm’ by Miles Cameron

This is the third book in a series about the Red knight

First book ‘The Red Knight’ review here

Review of the Fell Sword here  the second book

As before this story goes from person to person so you can have the story from many directions. Occasionally you will be surprised by the direction the story takes other times it goes in a very predicable direction. Having said that the story takes you along on a ride drawing you into a strange world where the catholic religion is split by schism and trying to work out where the wild fits into its world view.  Conflict between men, various wild creatures and dragons using spear sword and magic.  The magic is interesting as it seems to be based a lot on the character of the caster. It requires preparation for the deep effects but can also be cast instantly in a lower effect way. I like the way magic is linked to the caster and the land and how allies can give power to each other.

As always I enjoyed reading this book, even if it only took a little while. I hope there will be another one soon as I have started to really like this world  and the Red Knight. I am intrigued about Blanche and what she will bring to the future.

So Miles get writing.


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