The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 3 [Part 3] Morska Riba

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

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Chapter 3 [Part 3]   Back to Morska Riba

The adventures in Hellenistic times of four adventurers [set in 270bc]


The Iris slowly heads out to sea under its oars in the darkness, with only the light of the stars to see by, the sounds of the oars sound loud in the quite of the night but they see no one chasing them. As the darkness is broken by the rising sun of the new morning they raise the sail to catch the morning off shore breeze. However for most of the day the wind is not in their favour and they resort to taking shifts on the oars, even our heroes have to take a turn and Telamon’s slaves offer to help as well and they all start to learn more about handling a ship, a skill Barypos, Jason and Telamon all want to learn, Archi is already a good sailor and capable of fighting onboard a ship. Day after day they row, in the hot sun, making sure to find a quite place to camp overnight, avoiding any sails they see just in case it is hostile. Talking with the sailors to pick up tips on coping with the roll of the ship and how to set sail and row. Telamon the Gold chats to them and wonders why they do not have any slaves to help them with the menial  tasks? They answer that they have not been able to afford to keep one or even buy one and have managed ok without any. After five days there hands are bloody and sore but at last they can see the village of Morska Riba ahead of them.
They arrive, just after midday, and all of Morska Riba celebrates. Duris, the vilage elder, swears that the village now has a debt to them and there will always be a warm welcome ready when they visit. He also gives Telamon the Gold a bag with 1200 obal in it. Telamon gives 30 to each of the 22 crew and his two slaves as well as 120 to each player. Duris also asks ‘did you dealt with Mucatra?’ and when told no he say’s ‘then we can expect him to return for Clio and to take revenge as he knows where she came from’. He asks the group and Telamon the Gold ‘will you stay and help defend us?’ Archi says, ‘we will have to see what Telamon the Gold wants to do’. The Merchant says that although he will not risk his trip or his ship they could stay for a little while, while the village sends for help from nearby villages and towns., once they have more local support then he must leave.


So they send off some slaves to get ask for help while they settle down to a celebration supper with the village. During this meal they toss around various ideas for defence and how to protect the ship and Telamon the Gold. After supper Barypos accompanied by Jason on Braypos’s Lyre sings a Rhapsodoi to think about and be inspired by the myths as to the current issue of the defence of the village.  Over a hour he sings and Jason plays and he sees that often heroes find that trouble comes along very quickly after they think they are in a safe place. So he believes that the fates will bring Mucatra here in a day or so.  He shares this with the others and they realise they might not have long to prepare. It looks like a long night is in store for them to start preparing for any attack. Telamon decides to get the gods on side so throws 15 drachmae into the sea for Poseidon as thanks for their safe journey and asks for aid and promises another 5 drachmae to Hercules for help. Jason talks to Telamon the Gold and says, ‘the Iris will be saver if it sails away with him and the crew.’ Telamon the Gold says, ‘we can go two leagues east to another bay and will take the ten wounded and all the women and children with them as well.’ Jason thinks that is a wonderful idea and puts it into operation.


Archi, the engineer, uses the remains of the fishing boats and nets to make a trap just under the water along the bay. He uses the male salves to help him and they work all night. They plant the stacks into the sea bottom so that they will slow a ship down, they might even hole it. He they ricks the nets and lines between them to entangle anyone who jumps into the sea in that area. Duris asked what he and the men could do but Telamon told them to sleep, after collecting plies of throwing stones onto the beach. The others spend the night sleeping, , trusting that Archi and his slaves will raise the alarm if needed.  Barypos makes sure he is up before dawn to be a lookout.


As the beach defences are finished as best as Archi feels they can be, he pays the slaves two drachmae each and then heads to lie down for a while. As dawn breaks with a sea mist Barypos sees a galley about an hour away moving slowly towards the shore, he can not make out the type or any identification but suspects its Mucatra as most other ships only head inshore at night. He wakes the others and they set their plans into action. First Barypos sends all the female slaves to collecting rocks and then to go and hide away from the village. Jason tells the male slaves that they will be freed if they help in the fight, Duris agrees with this. They then rip down part of some huts near to the beach to make  a wall of cover facing the sea and the approaching ship.  One hour later the galley is 200m of the shore and it stops.


There appear to be 15 warriors on deck with others manning some of the oars, maybe half of its 30, the tallest stands proud in his helm. Mucatra, for it is him, blows his horn and then shouts ‘I want my bride back’ w calling down the wrath of Kotys on them all. ‘I give you two hours to decide or I will come and get her and wipe the village out.’ As he calls to them they all see spectral figures floating over the waves in the mist. They all stand there ground and are not afraid of the figures. With two hours to get ready Archi goes back to sleep by the cover, while the other organise the slaves and villagers into a defence force. Jason moves to one side away from the main force so to be able to move around with his bow while Telamon stays with the villagers and Barypos does the same as Jason but on the other flank to use his belly bow and sling. They then all sit down and wait.


Around an hour later Mucatra blows his horn again and then again. ‘Only an hour left’ he shouts.


A short while after that they hear shouts and banging from the village behind them. ‘There behind us!’ shouts the villagers turning round. Barypos tells the others to stay and goes to have a look. Barypos scouts the village and see’s a wedge of a dozen Thracians with a few others running about and checking huts, making a lot of noise. ‘There’s one!’ goes a shout as the Thracians see Barypos. Barypos turns and runs back to the beach with the wedge following slowly.


Quickly Barypos joins the others and they get half of the villagers and slaves to turn around and they face the oncoming wedge of warriors. Before they can do much more the wedge is closing.

Archi reacts first and takes his belly bow and aims at the galley which has started to move towards land. The locals stand while Barypos runs towards his friends. Jason runs left to give himself space and the Thracians get closer  while Telamon tried to inspire the men.


The locals run towards the oncoming wedge with Barypos. Jason releases a quick shot at the edge of the wedge and hits a warrior in its right arm. The Thracians’ throw a volley of javelins at the locals hitting some and charge. Telamon throws his first Akon and hits a warrior knocking him down and out.

The locals retire without throwing rocks, before the charge. Barypos throw a Akon and takes out another warrior while Jason reloads his bow. The Thracians’ throw again hitting locals in the back. While Telamon throws another Akon [used quick reload] and hitting another warrior in the right arm knocking him down.

Barypos throws another Akon but misses and Jason releases another arrow which hits a warrior in its left leg and drops him. That’s four of the fifteen warriors downed in the blink of an eye.


The locals are now in close combat with five of the remaining Thracians. Barypos readies his Dory while Jason reloads again.  the last Thracians split and some go after Baypos and the others after Telamon.  Both of them with Jason’s help drop another four warriors and the last four run for it. However telamon recived a javelin in the leg and he is in pain and struggling to stand.


The first part of the battle is over and they have time to turn and face the incoming galley and more warriors.  Telamon shouts for healing but Archi is busy aiming at Mucatra, so he pulls the javelin out of his leg himself causing more damage which renders his leg unable to support his weight. Barypos collects his Akons and removes a javelin from his shield. Archi gives orders to the locals to get them ready and like him Jason spots the big leader and aims at him.


When the galley gets to 140m Archi fires his belly bow but misses, while Barypos spots both Mucatra and a shaman near to him.  When the galley gets to 100m Archi starts to use his sling but again misses, after three shots and the range being down to 40m he hits a warrior, although he was aiming at Mucatra. Jason also aiming at Mucatra hits a nearby warrior with his arrow. When the galley reaches 10m away it hits the trap and stops, Mucatra and his men jump into the sea around the galley and get caught up in the nets and lines.


Combat follows.

Archi misses again with his sling, while Jason catches Mucatra in the head with a arrow which went straight through his raised shield. However his helm takes most of the impact. Mucatra warriors all become trapped in the nets and are struggling to free themselves. He however is free to reach the shore, powering through with his size and strength. Baypos calls upon Dionysus as he throws his Akon at Mucatra. Dionysus annoyed by the threat of an imposter god, Kotys, gives Barypos the aid he needs and the Akon drives into Mucatra ignoring his armour and killing him.


The 12 remaining warriors all surrender as they are still trapped and do not want to die. Barypos moves quickly and jumps up onto the galley and attacks the Shaman he sees there. The Shaman swings his two handed Rhomphaia at Barypos who blocks it with his shield, and then thrusts his dory into him. The battle is over and other than a handful of locals down and Telamon with a serious leg wound the four of them with the 26 locals defeated 30 warriors, Mucatra and a shaman.  Barypos on the galley sees that 15 slaves have been tied to the oars so there was less fighting men than they thought. They free the ten remaining village slaves as they said and give ten of the galley slaves to the village to replace them. Archi uses his healing skills to treat Telamons leg so he can walk on it even though it will take a few days to heal fully.


The villagers loot the dead and living warriors while Jason eyes up the galley and its worth while looting Mucatra of his armour and sliver. He collects both a Small & Large Rhomphaia, a Dagger, a small Pelte, size 16 Scale Cuirass with Pteruges, a Thracian Helm, Bronze greaves  and 60 Drachmae worth of coin and jewellery. They also have 12 captured warriors and 5 slaves.



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