EU Vote In or Out some thoughts to help

Below are some of the main arguments for each side, I have tried to be fair.

In or OUT

The EU Vote

All other claims or options are mainly guesswork and may or may not be true or possible



1- WE will be able to make our own laws with no reference to anyone else.  [not totally true as we have other international treaties we follow]


2-  We will have £350m a week to spend how we want [not totally true we will only have about a 1/3 of that once we discount the rebate and the amount paid to farmers etc.]


3- We will be able to make our own trade treaties with who we want. [True]


4- We will be a better nation [no one can know this]


5- Companies and traders will be free of EU red tape. [only true if we do not want to trade with the EU]


6- We will take back control [true to a extent see 1]


7- The EU is undemocratic and we have no influence [we do get to vote for MEP’s, the Government of the day appoint our commissioners to the Commission just as they decide our government ministers, we have voted for the PM who represents us in the  Council of Ministers. So we do have the ability to vote for those who run the EU. See here for more depth –]


8- We just do not want to be tied to the EU and its decisions [true but see 5]


9- Control of our borders [only if we intend to police our borders and stop traffic from France, as the agreements we have will fall]


10- The EU intends to let Turkey in and have a army of its own [true but each member has a veto so its not likely to happen]




1- the ease to travel and trade across the EU freedom to work or live anywhere with out any restrictions including being able to access health services. [True but it means we are a attractive place to come to for some]  Around 2m of us live in the EU and around 1/4m of them come here each year.


2- Leaving will cost us £4,000 plus [not really true as its the amount we might lose in national income per person over the next 20 years, if we leave you will not lose that]


3- Ease of trade there are no tariffs on trade as there used to be. [however we do have to apply all standards the EU has passed]


4- Supporting and working with those nearest to us and helping poorer areas of the EU improve. [True but often not done very well, Cornwall gains from this]


5- It supports EU farmers and regulates fishing. [over the years that has not worked well but it is trying to change how it works]


6- Things we have gained from being in the EU [or interference if the leave side]

No roaming charges on mobiles.

Open airways so cheaper air fares.

Cleaner beaches and Air

higher standards for cars and many other items we buy

Improving of the energy efficiency of many items from Vacuums to tyres with labels showing you.


7- Improved investment from international firms who have based their companies here to trade into the EU. [true although the Leave side say these companies will still invest]


8- Being part of a group of nations with a 400M plus population when dealing with other nations or groups and threats to us. Rather than being alone.


9- Protection of unique products like Cornish Pasties, Melton Mowbray Pies, etc.


My View

I intend to vote remain as I believe that we are better working with our neighbours and trying to sort out any problems together. I believe that nationalism is a bad thing and nations working together is better than nations competing which in the past has led to disputes.


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