The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 1 part 6

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 1  part 6

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Archi takes a hour after supper to mediate and then Telamon followed by Jason then Barypos and finally Archi go on guard patrol, after Archi sets up some alarms and watch fires along with some dummies in windows.


After midnight Barypos and his guard hear the sound of an alarm going off over the other side of town. He sends a runner to the area to report, the runner sees nothing out of the ordinary and returns within a short time. Over the next few hours a few more alarms go off but each time nothing  is seen. Morning comes with the rising sun casting long shadows from the rock tower buildings, it will be a warm day.  The group met up at the tavern for breakfast and share stories of the nights watch. As they are eating a local turns up, ‘Nurod is missing’ he calls as he runs in. Once they work out that Nurod is a local who seems to have disappeared over night his family do not know where he is. Archi and Barypos go to inspect his home and see if there any clues to what has happened. They find a bit of cloth attached to the side of a ledge which looks like a Galatian had it ripped off as he entered the window. Meanwhile Telamon is advising the locals on defence. Reporting back to Lydus he says that they really need to go so that they can report back to Mazaca about these attacks.


The caravan leaves Thordvin with a guard of a local patrol for the first 20 Stadia or so, after they were asked to.  The patrol leaves them after about two hours after escorting them through the local farmlands and before they enter the woodlands again. Telamon and Barypos take point again while Archi and Jason bring up the rear. A while later Barypos spots something disturbing the birds around the bend in the track ahead, he lets Telamon know and then dismounts. Proceeding on foot in the trees Barypos sees three Galatians break cover. Out numbered Barypos runs back towards Telamon and the horses, managing to out run the barbarians. As he reaches the horses on the open track the Galatians who are not far behind also reach the edge of the trees.


Barypos turns to present his shield and readies his akon. Telamon still on his horse throws his akon at the Galatians but misses. The three Galatians throw their javelins at Barypos one hits his right arm impaling it, the other two stick into his shield pinning it.

Barypos drops his shield and mounts his horse, while Telamon readies another akon and the enemy run towards them while readying their second javelin screaming  their war cry.

Barypos not put off by the war cry, he has fought Galatians before, draws his kopis.


Barypos swings his sword at the nearest Galatian but fighting from a horse is not what he is good at and misses. Partly due to backing up his horse at the same time and moving towards the caravan, all this causes the javelin in his arm to be ripped out rendering his right arm useless. Telamon with a ready akon impales it into the head of a barbarian taking him out of the fight. The other two barbarians attack at the end of their run, one impales Barypos again this time in his lower back as he moves away. While the others attack is blocked by Telamon using his unarmed combat skill.

Barypos rides away, while one Galatian draws his dagger and the other stabs at Telamon with his javelin again.


Telamon waits on the last two barbarians, the javelin armed one manages to pin Telamon’s leg to his horse while the other with his dagger is parried. Telamon breaks away and moves his horse after Barypos. Both Barypos and Telamon are badly injured and only brought down one enemy. How many more are around?


As the two ride back to the caravan with blood leaving a trail behind them, Archi sees them coming and goes to bring his healing hands to help them. He patches them up but neither are in a good state and Barypos’s right arm will take a while before he can use it again. As Archi does this Jason sneaks off to see if any more barbarians are around.


His good sneaking skills and the Galatians good hiding mean that he stumbles into two Galatians. With both sides surprised unfortunately for Jason the Galatians react faster. Both of them stab their javelins at him, he uses his acrobatic abilities to avoid the worse of the attacks and only takes a slight cut to his abdomen. He responds with a arrow from his trusty bow, this hits a barbarian in his right arm with the arrow sticking in.

The two Galatians stab again with one hitting Jason on his right arm. Jason uses his combat training to disengage and run.


Jason runs back to the wagons and Archi get to work with his healing skill again. Lydus says that maybe the best plan is to just push the wagons  past with them on them. So with this make shift plan they get ready. They sing the paean together and Telamon also sings the Hyporchema to prepare. Wagons Ho!. With great apprehension they crawl around the corner and into the area the barbarians where. Minute by minute they hold the tension as no javelins come out of the trees. Then they are around another corner and it seems the Galatians have gone. They travel on and after about another hour they come across a group of 6 mounted warriors each wearing a Linothorax and boots armed with javelins. They reconise them as Cappadocian troops and when they hail them they find out they are under Gobryas a local young noble.  With this escort they make the rest of the journey to Mazaca in safety.


Telamon praises Hercules as they enter the city. Lydus gets them  back to the merchant quarter and pays them their salary while Jason and Barypos receive healing care from local healers.   He pays them for the full twenty days the journey should have taken as well as a bonus, less expenses of course, thanking them for there bravery. He then arranges to see the Satrap Ariarathes II by talking to his first minister Tros.  Lydus calls on the scouts to come with his to report as he heads for the palace.  Barypos speaks for the group and explains all they encountered and shows the beasts carcass. The Satrap is not pleased that the war arty is still active but praises them for killing the beast, the body of which he claims, and protecting Thordvin. He gives each one a Desirable, Kopis, with sliver wire hilt and etching in the blade plus a sliver and red leather scabbard. Each of them thank him and then they are all dismissed. Lydus reminds them that a friend of his has a job that might suit them when they are ready.


Deciding they need at least four weeks to heal and recover they head for a tavern and then the gymnasium for rest and learning. Over the next days Jason goes to the temple of Apollo and offers a sacrifice of a goat to put him back into good standing with his deity, this costs him 100 drachmae on top of the goat. Unfortunately the omens from this  are so bad his standing in Apollo’s eyes does not improve so a week later he tries again this time the omens are right and he regains his ability to call for help. Barypos also does this to Dionysus and his omens are good first time. Telamon also heads to a shrine to Hercules and gives a sheep his omens are also good. Archi not being a god fearer, buys a sheep and holds a meal for the local philosophers as he explains to them about the beast. With time to think and reflect each of them improves their skills, while Telamon also starts to teach them combat signals using hand and pan pipes signals so they can communicate better in combat situations.


What will the future hold for this band and will Barypos get more good stories?


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