Review of ‘Classic Fantasy’

Classic Fantasy – Created,  Developed and Written By  Rodney Leary

First I have to say I was part of the play-test team for these rules however the test rules and the final book are two different things. I have played games since I was little so for around 55 years I have played D&D, RuneQuest, Heroes, Champions, and many other RPG’s as well as miniature figure games and many board games.

I like the Rune Quest 6 / Mythras rules a lot they are one of the best role playing systems out there but Classic Fantasy brings it to a whole new level. I know a lot of players like a ordered level advancement for their characters so they know that they are getting better and reaching a new goal. Classic Fantasy gives them that, like D&D or AD&D you advance in class levels and gain abilities based on that. However unlike those games of old you are not stuck in that class as you can  advance in any skill and add new weapon styles to your hearts delight.

Classic Fantasy allows you to play in the old way with levels but being part of Mythras  you gain many other options as a GM as well as a player. Want to have a different style of wizard then you could use the sorcery rules in Myythras to create a different character from normal. Going back to the Classic Fantasy rules themselves, this book allows you to play up to third level [AD&D D&D 14th] personally I find it plays much better with more excitement and player options than other level based games in particular D20 ones.

Early magic uses are not so weak as they can use a spell more than once and always have other options, Fighters are not so one dimensional as they have lots of options to be different from one another, you can be a straight swordsman or the worlds best archer a combination of the two or something else. Either can use heavy armour or go nimble fleet of foot. Each class has options so no two need to be the same. From a Games Master point of view the fact that no NPC will find it impossible to be at least some sort of threat to the players no matter how powerful they have got is good. One of my problems with a lot of level based games is that you have to keep using bigger and bigger NPC’s to give the players a challenge. This is not so in Classic Fantasy even Kobolds can be a threat to a party if they get lucky.

So to finish a great game system, Mythras, with a great supplement, Classic Fantasy,  you just have to give it a try if you like good Role Play games. I expect this system to do well and Rod has put a lot of love sweat and time into this fine conversion so it deserves to do well.

Story from the play test here

Classic Fantasy © 2016 by The Design Mechanism
Mythras is a Trademark of The Design Mechanism.



2 responses to “Review of ‘Classic Fantasy’

  1. Thanks for the great review Chris. I appreciate it.


  2. Playable, versatile and reasonably “realistic” so I think its the best all round fantasy RPG that I have come across.


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