The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA Chapter 1 [part 4]

The Odyssey of BARYPOS of TEGEA

Chapter 1

The adventures in Hellenistic times of four adventurers

[set in 270bc]

Part 1 here  Part 2 here  Part 3 here


As the beast stirs, Jason sprints away, shouting at the top of his voice, sliding around corners and out of the door. He is followed by Barypos who runs, taking more care, and once outside heads away from Jason. He has decided that he can not outrun Jason, who has no armour slowing him down, so will make the beasts choice 50/50 rather than just catch the slowest.

The beast walks at its fast pace out of the building in pursuit, while Jason and Barypos continue to sprint and run, Jason spots the rest of the caravan ahead still collecting bodies or by the wagons.

The beast starts to load its sling.


The beast still preparing its sling walks slowly towards Jason, who has slown down to a run and spots the beast following around 35 paces away. Barypos is still running and has got 34 paces away.

Jason and Barypos continue to move away.

The beast releases the sling stone at Jason, 42 paces away, which hits him in his left arm stunning it.

The beast starts to reload.


Archi having heard the shouts starts to run, while readying his sling, from the charcoal house towards the centre of the hamlet. The beast continues to load its sling. Telamon walks towards his horse 14 paces or so away, he is around 60 paces away from the beast. Jason continues to run and now is 60 odd paces away from the beast. Barypos 55 paces away readies his Akon.

The beast closes the distance to Jason as he extends it. Barypos throws his Akon but misses the beast.

The beast finishes preparing the sling  and then releases the stone at Jason again, this time Jason is very lucky and the stone misses.


Archi is still running towards the beast which he can now see moving 90 degrees away from Jason and him. Telamon ups his speed to a run towards his horse while Zail, the Scythian, starts to load his bow. Jason runs behind a building cutting line of sight from the beast while Barypos readies a javelin.

Archi takes a long shot with his sling but misses as the beast sprints into the trees and out of sight. As the beast disappears Barypos throws his javelin but misses, its a long shot, and Telamon having reached his horse fails in a running mount.


Around twenty seconds after disturbing the man bear monster it has gone into the surrounding woods. Archi tries to help the badly bruised left arm of Jason but can not improve it even with his skill. Barypos picks up his Akon and javelin but Archi’s lead shot is lost. With Telamon and Zail on mounted guard they get back to collecting bodies for burning. As they do so Telamon and  the others come up with a plan for staying here over  night as Lydus does not want to travel at night with the beast and possibly the Galatians around. The plan is to form a stockade with the wagons around the from of the store blocking the gaps underneath with doors from other houses. Then they will have a large fire on each side as well as torches on the flat roof, which the four of them will spend the night on while the others stay inside. As it gets late they prepare all of this and then Barypos uses his character customs and masks to make six extra dummy guards on the roof. As they have supper Lydus wonders about where the beast came from and what its after.


So as night falls Lydus Zail and the wagon drivers are in the building while on the roof are six dummies along with Barypos, Jason, Telamon and Archi. Telamon tries singing but is not very good and has to stop. As our guards try to stay awake three Galatians enter the hamlet, around a hour or so after dark. They close up towards the fires scouting the area and see the guards on the roof behind the low wall there to stop people on the roof falling off. Telamon spots the shadows moving around and the others wake Jason who has fallen asleep. But other than those odd shadows they see nothing however about a quater of an hour later they hear strange noises. Telamon, a expert in animals, thinks this is a human using bear like growls, they assume its the beast, in fact it is its handler trying to call it.


Around midnight, Jason and Archi are awake, a dummy falls over. It was hit by a sling stone, they presume from the beast, waking the others they keep a good look out. Then two hours or so later  when only Jason is awake another dummy is hit and goes over. This time they all stay awake looking out hard into the darkness past the fires.


Come dawn the fires are nearly burnt out, and Jason and Telamon check for tracks. They find four human and one bear like set or tracks. As they are checking them out Telamon is hit in the body by a stone which bounces off his armour. They see the man-bear as it bounces away into the trees. With the rest of the group getting the wagons ready to roll and Lydus stating that they will return to Mazaca rather than go on there way, it is just to uncertain to continue into the mountains, Jason sits down to do a divination on any encounter on the days journey.  With all of the group except Archi watching Jason says any encounter will be favourable to them. After the pouring of libatians and Telamon singing the Hyporchema they are ready to go.


Just under an hour into their travel, Telamon and Barypos who are acting as advanced scouts, see ahead in a large clearingthree Galatians, another male and the bear-man beast. Barypos goes to tell the others while Telamon watches. The strange male seems to be trying to talk to the beast.



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