RQCF play test – Chapter four The Dwarven Halls and the Three Keys

Chapter four

The Dwarven Halls and the Three Keys

Over the next few hours, Groschl & Zara, cook bat in wine and salt some for later, so all can eat and drink wine, they have a lot of it. While this is going on Roj, Broidren and Yehonala sleep. After four hours Roj is woken to cast Cure Fatigue  on Broidren, one rescued elf and two who look to Groschl that they might be combat trained, restoring all the blood loss, Roj then goes back to sleep. After another five hours all three are woken, Roj casts Cure Fatigue on Julia, Yehonala, the other elf and two others chosen by Julia and the two fighters, restoring them to full health. Yehonala with restored magical strength and feeling fresh joins Broidren on watch, while Roj rests again. Groschl and Zara also sleep now. Boridren plays his pan pipes, badly, while on watch. The restored vampire victims now take over the preparation of the bats.  After Groschl and Zara have slept for eight hours they take over watch duties while all the others rest for another nine hours. Groschl and Zara arm, with the captured equipment, the two fighter types and three volunteers with mail, spear, shield and sword. The remaining seven are given spears, with five also having a sword and shield.


So 26 hours later, they are all rested and back to full strength, they discuss what to do with the twelve? Take them back to Wildsgate or let them make their own way make. But that will alert Her Ladyship to the fact that they have all three keys. Use as reinforcements as they try to gain access to the Dwarf chamber. The twelve are split, six, the five armed ones and another, want to go to Wildsgate, three want to stay with the group and three are undecided. Groschl and then Broidren try to get some consensus using their influence,  all they manage to do is end up with eight wanting to leave two wanting to stay and two undecided. Yehonala, calling upon her passion of loyalty for the republic calls on them all to work together and she convinces them all to stay with the group and work together. Yehonala looks over the silk and tapestries and wine and thinks about how much she can get for them, while wondering how to get it out of here. Groschl says they have to destroy everything they do not take with them, so as not to leave anything for a new group to start with. The two argue about it but the others back Groschl and they destroy all the riding gear, they pour salt into the wine and pour it over the silk and tapestries ruining them. They also make some torches from spear shafts, cloth and wine as well.


The very large group heads out of this part of the spires, crossing very carefully all three rope and wood plank bridges.  Going over one at a time with Broidren ready to cast Feather fall if needed.  As they cross each bridge Groschl cuts it so it falls hanging from the other side. Reaching the cave with the trapdoor, they climb down one at a time into the tunnels below, they light the torches and open up the continual light lantern. Yehonala casts detect magic to find the evil statue so it can be hidden from any new users of these caves. Having found it, Broidren goes invisible to hide it, so only he know where it is now hidden. He uses his thieves ability to conceal things to do this.


After around three hours of moving carefully they reach the outside again, Roj says its about three hours to daybreak so they camp briefly in the woods for four hours. At daybreak they head towards the ford below the falls lake to cross the river to the other side to be able to get back to the dwarven chambers to use the keys. Lead by the druid, Roj, and an invisible Broidren, who are both scouting ahead. Seeing nothing but birds and other animals in the area they all cross the river following Groschl with Broidren bring up the rear. He notices that they seem to be down five rescued persons, he tells the others and they scout around but they seem not to have been with the group when they reached the ford. In fact they snuck away at night while they group was camping. The group wonder why and where they have gone, will they end up being vampire food?


With the river crossed they head  to the long steps leading to the falls and the way into the dwarven halls. Groschl has given Julia his magic spear so he can use his halberd. Julia is paired with Zara, using the magic crossbow, so she can give Zara the spear and shield when she needs it. When they reach the steps Broidren heads up to scout it out, still invisible. He goes as far as the falls and seeing nothing returns to report, then he goes back up the many steps with the others following. Groschl first, followed by Broidren and then three of the rescued then Roj, Zara and Julia, then Yehonala and finally the last three rescued. It is not a quite group nor very orderly with lots of chit chat between the rescued.


When they get to the falls, they are many calls of ‘O, so pretty’. Broidren goes through the falls, slowly. He sees movement behind the water and stops and goes back to the others and reports. He then heads back through the falling water, getting wet again, moving slowly he gets as close as he can to the edge of the water. There he can just make out a guard standing, leaning on his sword, at the slightly ajar doors into the halls.


SO what now?

Are Liah and Kos ready for them?

How will all the rescued effect the ability of the group to do its work?

What will the keys reveal?

Find out next time




While still watching the guard Broidren see’s the guard replaced by another one. At the same time two crossbow armed guards pass the door and head into the dark corners, as they do two others come from those corners and join the replaced guard in passing through the gap in the doors. Broidren has just seen the change of the guard and nearly ran into three or more guards rather than the one he thought wwas there. A near escape.


He goes back to the others the other side of the falls. gets there attention, he is still invisible after all, taking Groschl’s arm he leads them back down the steps until they can hear each other. Broidren explains the situation and they discuss and prepare. Roj casts Barkskin on Groschl, himself, Zara and Broidren, then Groschl, Zara and Yehonala go into the falls followed by Broidren and Roj.


As Yehonala gets to the edge of the water and sees the guards she casts sleep on them all. The main guard falls down but she can’t see the other two. She, Zara and Groschl step out of the water with Yehonala starting to prepare a fireball spell and the other two ready to defend her. As it turns out all three guards are fast asleep and the coup-de-grass to given to each. Broidren casts Dry on himself and then peers through the ajar doors to see what is behind.


The short corridor opens into a vaulted hall, the hall of dwarven heroes, the six pillars holding the roof are carved in the likeness of six dwarven heroes. This is the same as before as is the black pedestal in the centre of the area. A small brazier is now also in the top left with sleeping mats etc around it.  The mats or at least some of them seem to be occupied. Broidren can also see Kos and another fighter stood watching the room, ready for action. Liah appears to be tending a pot plant.


Broidren rejoins the others and drops his invisibility, Again they plan, needing shout close to each other due to the sound of the falls booming in their ears.  Roj casts Barkskin on Yehonala who casts Mirror Image on herself and then uses a mirror from her pack to see round the door. Broidren has to cast Dry to clean the mist off of it.  With line of sight to the pedestal Yehonala casts Fireball [7] on to it. She is lucky as no one sees the mirror or hears her chanting and are surprised w hen the hall is filled with fire.


Groschl and Zara rush in. Groschl sees a unconscious Kos and finishes him off, while Liah whose leather armour has caught fire is finished by Zara as she asks for mercy. The area around the brazier is on fire with all the bedding etc going up in flames. After about 10 minutes the flames die down and they can see the burnt remains of the six bodies and a wolf. As they start to look around they hear a call from the passageway to the right. ‘We give up’. Groschl says, ‘chuck your weapons etc away’. The three guards throw their weapons and armour down the lift shaft and come out.


Broidren persuades them all to join him as per his passion to find out more about the humans for his patron. Groschl says, ‘fine but they are your responsibility, and I hold you responsible for their actions, I will be your trouble’.  Broidren says, ‘fine’.  They give the armour from Kos to the fighter amongst the three and they all find a weapon as well. Searching Liah they find another Sapphire Iron key. Yehonala says that Gnome….. recalling the Gnome in WIldsgate who they asked about the first sapphire key they had found. He copied it and then told me it was a fake gem when he gave me the copy.  Someone is going to regret his actions. The one I have must be fake so I will keep it around my neck as a trophy. At least we now seem to have all three keys for this pedestal.


Broidren checks the pedestal for traps and does not think they are any and they insert the keys. Yehonala, Broidren and Groschl all turn the keys on a count of three. Click, Click, grind hiss and the floor to the left of the pedestal moves and opens revealing steps leading down into the darkness.


Collecting themselves together  and telling Julia and the other rescued to stay they prepare to explore the darkness. Broidren as scout goes down first with his three followers, with torches, in tow, Yehonala, with lantern, Groschl and Roj follow around 20′ behind. The long hallway stretches on into darkness. The air is cool and the floor is slick with scum that thrives in shallow puddles. A steady rumble resonates from the ceiling. The river above says Yehonala. Broidren feels the flagstone move under his feet and then a click and a grinding sound. The sound of the river increases to a deafening sound.


Broidren leaps back other his followers, as Groschl, Roj and Yehonala turn to run back up the steps.

Icy water begins to trickle in from the ceiling, making the floor even more slippery. Broidren and his men try to run but they slip and fall.

The water is now flooding in, roaring into the passageway, with great force. Broidren fails to stand, the fighter does and forces against the flow to reach the steps, the other two are swept along by the flood.

The water is now half way up the passageway, Broidren stands and tries to keep above the water.

The water now fills 3/4 of the passageway and Broidren casts Shield and takes a deep breath. Yehonala standing on the steps sees Broidren being swept away.

With the passageway full of water the roaring stops as the ceiling closes. Broidren is swept to the end of the passage and stops when he lands at a iron door blocking the way. Broidren thinks he has less than half a minute before he needs to breath again.


He gets his lock picking tools from his very wet boot and quickly gets to work on the lock, rushing the job. He takes about 15 seconds and when the tumblers move he pushes the door open. Wooosh…… the water pours through the door smashing it open wide and  dragging Broidren with it. Even though he tries to hold on.


He is bounced around as the water flows around two corners and down a drain. He is smashed into the drain cover along with both his companions. As the water drains away, Broidren realises he has  suffered badly even if he is still just alive. His chest hurts, broken rips? His abdomen hurts, broken bones? His left leg is at a funny angle. Beside him are his two followers, both looking just as bad.




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