A review of Runquest 6

Over the past months I have been reading and then running games using RQ6 [Runequest 6] a new version of the RQ role-playing system. As some will know I have used the Mongoose version for a while running my 14th century game.

I like this new version, it clears up some holes in the Mongoose version, it uses magic in a better way , in my opinion,  and has lots of variety.

The rules are designed for sword and sorcery type games, but can be adapted to many styles and settings. It is well written, although there are parts which are difficult to get your head around. Combat is realistic and deadly, and characters do not gain bucket loads of hit points just more skill. So a peasant can kill a warrior, although it might take a few of them to do so.

There will be a Classic fantasy supplement, which I am helping play test, for those who like classes and more old style characters rather than the I can be anything I want of the basic game.

So to end a good rule set, which I love rereading and finding something new in.

If you are into Role playing games, give it a go. The good thing is you can get the basic part free ‘RuneQuest Essentials’ here. Although this is not the full rules it gives more than enough to try a few simple games with.

Have fun and let your die roll well.



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