Revenge & hate, or forgiveness and Love

The situation in the Middle East has got worse, countries are right not to give into blackmail and ransoms. However should you then take revenge on others?

Paul Adams, BBC News, Amman   “This morning, the talk is all of revenge. Newspapers scream for it in their headlines and Lt Kasasbeh’s father has asked the Jordanian government and US-led coalition to exact it. The process has already begun, but to what effect?”

The two people Jordan killed today, were not linked to IS in any way, they had been in jail for years and so had no responsibility for the death of the pilot. Even if they had been linked, killing them as revenge is wrong. Yes leave them to serve out their sentences, but killing them for revenge is wrong.

Revenge killings like this will just spiral out of control, with a IS response and then a Jordanian or others response and on and on. It was for this reason that God limited revenge to justice equal to the crime not escalating conflict.

Where will it end?

I can see from many others view point that is is wonderful, we now have a fully committed Muslim Arab nation to this war, who is likely to be prepared to do anything for revenge. It also means that IS will be forced to step up their response as well.

So will Jordan want to use area weapons on IS regardless of civilians?

Do we care if they do, after all its killing those who hate us.

Do Muslim’s have any value to the west?

If they do how many are a western life worth??

All life is of equal value, we are called upon by Jesus to love our neighbor,  bless our enemy and treat others as we want to be treated. DO we believe this? Or is it only when it applies to us?

I think Western nations should have tried to hold Jordan back from this act, it just shows that we are happy to act as IS does. As also shown by the way we treated al-Qaeda in Iraq and other places. Think Guantanamo.

Do we want to fight terror with terror?

Jesus said we should fight our enemies with forgiveness and love.

Hatred breeds hatred, which breeds more violence which breeds more hatred.

I spoke on Sunday about ‘hatred of us and by us, fear & jealousy or Happy Satisfied and loved. Notes here 

What drives IS?

What drives our response?

What drives your response?



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