Review of ‘The Long Sword’

The Long Sword by Christian Cameron

this is the follow up to the Ill Made Knight, review here, again following the story of William Gold now Sir William Gold. This book continues his personal conflicts as well as the international ones going on in 1364/65. He is still struggling with his love for a woman and his lack of money as well as the needs of the order and other lords.

This book continues showing the complex interaction between the church and secular power, between ones faith and the teachings of Christ and the drives of the world around.

It shows again the gritty reality of war in this period and is a good way for anyone who wants to have a handle on 14th century warfare. Cameron knows his combat, and as you read the action you get a real feeling of personal combat in this period. I love the fact that good sense often has to bow to status and personal agendas.

Again a good book which I read in under a week and really enjoyed. Just need to get the rest of my Role play group to read it. Thanks Alan for lending it to me.


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