THE CHRISTMAS TREE for Talk on Christmas day 2014

Talk for Christmas day 2014


John 1 1-14     &      Hebrews 1 1-6

What do you put on your tree?

What goes on the top?


Some put a angel on the top of the tree, some put a star.


Decorations can be big and heavy covering and weighing the tree down or light and give the tree room to show.

They can hide what is underneath.

They can twinkle

But what is underneath?

Is it a real tree, a old tree or a fake tree?


Are your decorations the same every year?


Now think about the tree representing your life and the decorations the things in it.


Is it fake or real?


Where is Christ?


Some put angels or something else in the top place in their lives


Our reading says Christ is above all other things including the angels.

He was there from the beginning and will be there at the end.
Trees get wider at the bottom as they grow as does our life,

As we grow we have more baggage,

what feeds our roots?


God came as a child who grew into a man coping with all the stuff of life

He came to show us another way to live

A way to control all the baggage of life


What is the most important part of your life?

What decorates the top of your life?


Christ is higher than the angels

He was at the beginning and is at the end.


He is more awesome than a baby

Just like those who look at the TARDIS and then enter it and are awestruck by…..


There is more to Jesus than a first look will show.


Will you allow yourself to be awed by Jesus this Christmas?

Will He be at the top and the roots of your tree?

Will you recognize Him for who He is?


Light looked down and saw darkness, there will I go,” said  light

Life looked down and saw death, “there will I go,” said life

Love looked down and saw despair, “there will I go,” said love

So came light and shown truth, so came life and conquered

death so came love and gave hope, and “the WORD became

flesh and dwelt among us”

– Daniel L. Akin, The Southern  Seminary Magazine, Winter 1997, 8.



Let us pray




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