The time is now

A wonderful thought at this time of year
Life can disappear quickly and we do not know when

Chaplain's blog

As the stunning display of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London is dispersed it is a reminder of the transitory nature of things. In a similar way the 5,000 ice sculptures which sat on the steps at Birmingham’s Chamberlain Square in August of this year melted and disappeared, as did the 9,000 fallen soldiers of sand which were etched into the Normandy beach in September 2013 only to be washed away by the tide.

Each of these amazing works of art highlight the fleetingness of life. Whatever our longevity might be, our time on earth goes by quickly. We are simply passing through; the blink of an eye in the passage of eternity – and that is what makes our life so special.

Christians believe this life to be part of something bigger and that we do not cease when our earthly life ends, but whether or not you share that belief, we all have the…

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