Baffled about Voters

Sometimes I end up really baffled.

People say they want change and a different sort of politics. I totally agree, this country needs a change from the self-interested parties which are mainly there for there own purposes. Over the years I have voted for different parties, Conservative to  Labour including Green and the SDP. I believe in people thinking about how they cast their vote and not just voting the same election after election.

So why last night did so many vote for a very right wing party which has movable policies.

Who caused the world financial collapse?


Answer the bank’s led by people who gambled with money which didn’t exist, Investment .

We do not like politicians who lie or deceive. For those who do not understand the normal person.

So what do people vote for?

A party led by a private educated, wealthy, ex investment banker.

A candidate – Born in 1971, spent his early years living in Uganda, where his parents worked as doctors in a local hospital.  He was Privately educated at the University of East Anglia and King’s College London, and worked in digital television, investment management and the Conservative Party policy unit – run by David Cameron – before becoming an MP.  So another insider, even if UKIP say they aren’t the insider party and are totally different from the main parties.

I wonder why so many LibDems and labour voters voted for UKIP when it is not a liberal or a worker party. Why would people like that vote for such a right wing party? Is it all about immigration and Europe?

If so why?


Is it just a protest, if so why not the Greens?  Why UKIP?

Will it make a difference come the general election?

Will we have another hung parliament? If so who will be the parties in power?

Does the country want a UKIP/Conservative government?

Would it be good for us?

We would leave the EU, we would shut are borders, we would have fox hunting again.  Do we want a country isolated from the world and trying to be as it was in the past? How far past as well?

It makes me think of the 1930’s, when in Germany a small party banging on about Non Germans, etc. This party was led by a non German and supported big business.   Yet many normal working people voted for it, why?

The party the National Socialist Party, the NAZIS……….

Some one said  you can fool some of the people all the time but not all of the people all of the time. I wonder.


I believe that we need to always be looking out for others, and not ourselves. That we need to look after the earth and respect the gift that it is. That those with the most should help those with the least. That everyone should be given equal rights and equal education. I also believe that many if not most people also want this along with politicians who are honest, say what they believe rather than what they think you want to hear. Politicians who vote for there voters and country rather then for the party.

I look forward to the general election next year.



One response to “Baffled about Voters

  1. As an American, I may misunderstand European politics, but here goes.

    UKIP would appear to be a libertarian movement. The media likes to portray libertarians as far right, but in reality that are classical liberals in the same vein as the American Founding Fathers. It’s a liberty movement that stresses individual freedom, smaller government and personal choice. For a century (more in Europe) we’ve tried this big, centralized,, in everybody’s business, control form of government and, at least here in the US, we’re miserable. Polls say about 80% of voters feel the country is on the wrong path. We disagree with what to do about it. Conservatives say use the government to control society toward what they favor and the Greens (epitome of liberalism here in US) want to use government to control society toward what they favor. Ismrhat what’s really needed? Should the majority get to decide for the the minority how they should live? And has it worked out so well? Here in the US, no matter what party is in charge, they tend to double down on tyranny from the minority’s perspective. Alaska suffers under insane environmental regulations in because people in other states can’t conceive of a landscape to large and lonely that we can have development AND wildlife stewarded by people who will protect the land because we love it. The federal government demand our obedience. Washington DC is a long way away, populated by people who are utterly alien from us, so we feel rebellious. We might well accept some of their suggestions if they came from our state government, but they are edicts frommstrangers who don’t live here. And if it were local, we’d have hope of customizing the solutions to meet our needs instead of just obeying the edicts of people who are 5000 miles away because THEY say it’s good for us.

    So libertarian movements advocate for more local control and less government control, more individual freedom and responsibility. Western society really hasn’t done that for a century and so it scares a lot of people, but maybe England and the US are both in similar spaces. We’re sick and tired of voting and getting different flavors of government control. We’ve seen nothing changes. Democrat or Republican is just different flavors of the same insanity. So vote for something different. Take a chance that individuals working on a more local level can offer better solutions.

    Just my take on it. Sort of wordy, but it is a huge concept. I blogged on it a while back. Come check it out.


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