Review of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by J Swift

Review of ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ by J Swift

Although written in the 18th century this book is amassing, its insight into political and human behaviour is still very valid. Swift uses the adventures of Gulliver to show up the way the people of his time, the early 1700’s, behaved in comparison to what he thought would be a better way to life and organise society. I found the start of the book quite slow and even the Lilliput story very familiar, through the various films made about it. However I am glad I stuck at it, as after it draws you in and you start to understand the point of the stories. These stories make you think about our society, how it is lead, and governed and what the purpose of life is.

I loved the contrast between the sensible horses and the Yahoo’s who fight and destroy. The fact that lawyers make the obvious hard and white into black. That the horse could only see mankind as odd as they strived for more than a fair share and even though there was plenty for all, some starved while others had to much and made themselves ill from it.

A social and political dig at his society which also, unfortunately, is also valid today. War for no reason, those with power using it to gain advantage over neighbours, misunderstanding due to not spending enough time to understand the language and culture of another. Obscuring the truth, rather than speak it, hording and seeking more than a fair share. The people who were so wrapped up in there quest for understanding in very limited arts, fail to see or hear anything else, those who had immortality and its curse. This latter really talks about how we look after our old, and remember this was writen in the 18th century  300! years ago.


Well worth reading, its free or cheep as a E-book, for the insight in the lack of progress humans have made outside of technology.


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