Scotland Devolution and the UK

So yesterday Scotland voted to stay in the UK, however the questions are now even bigger.

Did the promises of more devolved powers make a big difference?

How will giving all this new power to Scotland effect the rest of the nations of the UK?

Why did the PM remove the option for more devolution from the vote in the first place, when we have now given it with no vote on it?

The biggest question is which elected  representatives get to vote on which topics. If Scottish MP’s can not vote on  devolved issues in Scotland, why do they get to vote on the same issues in England? If Scottish, Welsh and Irish MP’s can no longer control devolved issues but have local politicians for that instead, how do we  cope with that in England where at the moment we have no devolved government.

One answer might be turning the house of Lords into a elected UK parliament, with its leader the PM. Then the commons would become England’s devolved government. The new Lords would deal with all cross national issues and act as a review for local decisions, while the devolved parliaments would need to confirm any UK decisions.

So we would have four first ministers, one for each nation each within a devolved parliament, and a UK government under the Prime Minister.  With each part acting as a check on the other. Certain national issues like the NHS would stay at UK level for funding with local devolved control on priorities and wages. Defense would stay at UK level but needing local input. Unfortunately this or any other options will require a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of agreement. I doubt we will get any of this, however if change is coming, and it is, then it must be comprehensive.

As Scotland wants to stay in the EU how will it work if England under UKIP and Tory pressure decides to leave?

So many questions and no electoral mandate for any of the answers.

Interesting times to come

All I ask is that all of you get involved, it is only by voting with intelligence and working through the issues that like the Scottish we can come to a answer which works.


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