The Power of Honor

This is a good thought and so very true.
I see it in many ways.
I am also not blameless it that I do not always honour those God has put above me.
Father forgive me and help me to pray with honour for them.

Walter Bright

God has called us to become vessels of honor. The Bible calls us to honor God in everything we do. The bible says, if we honor God he will honor us. But if we dishonor Him, he will lightly esteem us. I have seen too many Christians buy into the culture of dishonor as displayed on Fox News, MSNBC and other news outlets and blogs toward elected officials. We find this same culture of dishonor in relationships – be it between husband and wife or parents and children. Spiritual authorities are not exempt either from this problem. When it comes to spiritual authorities, I have observed two extremes in the ways church folk relate to them.
1. Church leaders are either put on pedestals – or
2. They are very lightly esteemed
As a result, we receive incredibly more value from those we highly esteem,  but no value at all from those we…

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