The Misfits chapter 4 current part 3

So returning to the others on the 15th of June they headed towards Ipas to see about the loss of a merchant caravan.  When they get there Sinclaire goes and talks to the local priest, who is a stand in, he struggles to make ends meet and Sinclaire leaves a donation. They find out that a caravan camped outside the village but had gone by the morning.  Shown the area, Sinclaire finds  covered over fires and other signs of a group of wagons being there. It seems they left. They then head to the manor to see Sir Josep the local lord. They have some sparing practice with him and then talk about what’s going on locally and in the city. Meanwhile Jules and Romeo chat to local villagers and point out that the bandits took the wagons towards Abey village and that they are based in the woods near there. Over lunch they discuss whether to save the merchant or not, should Bergen be there prime and only mission.  That evening they use the pretence of going hunting to check out the river. They fail to find or follow any trail from the campsite, but do find a small ford where the river could be crossed by wagons.  They come across a boar drinking and decide to really hunt, Romeo stays put while Sinclaire and Jules approach from different directions on foot.


They get to 10yards when the boar hears Sinclaire and charges him, the next 15 seconds is a whirl of tusks and swords.  Sinclaire attacks the charging boar and misses, then parries the boars tusks, forcing the boar off balance and hitting it back with his sword, opening a bleeding wound in the boars forequarters. He then swings again while stepping back and again hitting the boar in its forequarters. The boar again moved in to attack with its tusks, Sinclaire swings at it as it does so with his sword missing and also misses his parry. The boars tusks fail to get past his armour however. Sinclaire swings again opening up another bleeding wound this time in its head.   He again parries the boars tusks and steps back to open the range. Then swings and opens another bleeding wound in the boars head.


Again the boar attacks and this time Sinclaire misses his parry with his shield, his armour holds but he is knocked on his back. Now he fights with the hilt of his sword trying to hold the pig off. Then Jules comes up and thrusts his halberd  into its right fore leg and rips it off when he withdraws it. Sinclaire finishes it by smashing into its forequarters again opening up its heart and spraying blood all over himself. Helping Sinclaire up Jules smiles.

Sinclaire washes the blood off in the river while Jules cleans the boar which they drag back to Romeos cart and then back to the manor. There Sir Josep, praises there courage and gets the peasants to prepare and cook the boar for dinner. They stay the night and chat with Sir Josep.


16th June, they take it as a day of rest staying at the manor, practicing, talking and spending time in prayer. Peter meanwhile talks to the servants in the palace while having a late supper after his performance. He finds out the Peter AKA Bergen has a guest room here. Peter finishes his supper and heads back to his inn and goes to sleep taking the same care he did before. As he goes to sleep his thoughts are on how to trap Bergen.

17th June Sunday, Peter leaves the city early and heads to Ipas to meet up with his friends, once there they attend church and then chat about whether to kill Bergen or not, to kidnap him and take him for trial and make him face charges here. Should they just take the finger and how, take it and deal with him. Lots of questions but few answers. In the end they come up with a plan and decide to implement it on Tuesday after another day of rest and preparation, which includes Romeo going to the nunnery to get supplies of ten days  supply of food and fodder for the group which costs them 130d. Romeo also picks up Amalinda to bring her home with him.


19th June Tuesday.

Sinclaire and Peter head into the city, while Jules, Romeo, Amalinda, and the grooms  Pedro & Ferrer head back towards the mountain pass the entered the valley from. Here they will wait for Peter and Sinclaire to ride to them before they all head back into the mountains and back home.


Evening, Peter heads to the vicar generals palace and says he is there for a private performance. The guards let him in recognising from before and having heard of his ability. He only takes his harp in its bag, a dagger, some rope and a letter. He goes back to the servants quarters and asks for directions to Peter [Bergen’s] room as he is playing for him tonight. He is taken to the hall area and left, once he has been left for a while he finds the garderobe and waits near to the guest quarters for a while, once he is sure the area is clear he moves out and towards Bergen’s room. He listens and then enters, the room has a four poster bed, a couple of cupboards and chests, one locked and one with clothes. Peter puts the letter he has under the bed, this letter is from some Castilian raiders to Bergen with instructions about letting them into the city. It is written in Jules best Latin. After making sure the letter looks like it fell under the bed, Peter hides in one of the cupboards and waits.

Some time later, he hears the door open, and the sound of someone walking into the room. Then the sound of the bedding being pulled back, then footsteps  and the door closing. He rightly assumes this is a servant putting a bed warming pan into the bed.


A long time later when Peter is starting to struggle to stay awake and keep his body from going ridged, just then the door opens again and two sets of foot falls enter the room. He hears Bergen  say put it over there, then the sound of the bed covers being moved. Followed by the sound of a body hitting the bed and the drapes being drawn again. then the door opening and shutting. Peter wait’s.


Some time later he hears snoring.


He waits.

Then he sneaks out of his hiding place. He moves slowly and quietly to the bed in the darkness, there is just enough light for him to make out the bed. He reaches the four poster with its coverings and stops.

There is still snoring.

Peter draws his dagger, and uses it to pull back the hangings and puts his left hand over Bergen’s mouth and draws the dagger across his throat.

There is a flow of warm blood on to his hand and few jerks and Bergen is dead.

Peter locates the sliver chain around his neck with the finger on and removes it and puts it around his own neck. Then boldly he walks to the door, opens it and walks out, putting his harp under his arm as he goes. As he rounds a corner he is asked by a servant if the performance went well. Peter says, Yes it was enjoyed and very moving. Peter carries on his way heading for the way out through the servants quarters and then the main gate.  The gate guard murmurs to him, but is there to stop people entering not leaving so Peter just nods and walks out.


Once back in the city he goes to meet Sinclaire who is waiting with his two horses, Peter and Sinclaire mounts up and ride slowly to the cities main gate. There they dismount and Sinclaire tells the postern guard that they are on there way back to the manor they are staying at. He lets them out and they remount and ride for the pass and the others.


Within hours they have reached the rest of the party and are riding into the mountains, wondering why it was so easy and if they will be followed. However the journey back through the mountains is uneventful and they get back to St Flour and home safely after 3 weeks further travel. So they are back home on the 10th of July having been away since Late February. They have retrieved the Finger of St Goar for the Bishop and city, they have dealt with various trails on the way. However they have left a manor infested with demons and a dead body, Bergen. Peter retires to his wife and home after a long time away, she is due in the next two months. Romeo sets up home with Amalinda having sold his dyes he bought in Toulouse. Sinclaire stays at the cathedral helping out with odd jobs while Jules goes back to looking after Lord Robert’s  and others books.



What adventures will the future hold for our four heroes?

Will there be trouble from the death of Bergen?

Will Romeo marry at last?

Will Peter and his wife Isabella have a boy or a girl and will mother and child survive the birth?


The whole of the story here


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