Football is all a matter of faith!

Why can’t Rooney do religion?


Football is all a matter of faith, from pre-match rituals to lucky scarves.

Football is a religion, and has taken over most of the patterns of British life that used to belong to Christianity. The church used to give shape to our time, with its weekly services and annual feasts. Now football provides the ritual of gathering together at the weekend, while those who are less committed can stay at home and watch Match of the Day, soccer’s Songs of Praise.

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I was thinking about the Faith football supports have in there team and in England, when I came across this article.

This seems to have two threads, One why can’t Rooney profess his faith?

And is Football a religion in that followers have faith in there team?

For the first, I think it’s just part of how our society is going, Faith in God is not to be talked about, but faith in the stars, football, standing stones, gems, angels etc. is fine.   WHY?

It might upset other’s

WE just don’t want to hear

You are trying to convert me

Just a few, I wonder why though, People can talk to me with a lot of passion about Football, but I have not been converted to following it, I do not get upset about them talking about it, its what interests them. I listen and ask questions to learn more bout why they like there football, so far I have not been converted.

We all talk about many things, often the other person does not really have an interest in it but that’s what we do converse. I can listen for a while as someone talks to me about the Soaps or some other thing I do not have any great interest in. It helps me grow by knowing what others like and why and its part of relationship.

So why can’t faith be included in those topics we talk about, it would make us all better aware of what others believe, it would help with misunderstandings, we would be polite, we would grow in knowledge even I did not change my mind. After all we can always change the topic when we want to, so having a conversation. Yes some people might think I only talk about Jesus, I don’t I talk about other things just as much, He just comes into many parts of my life so ends up in the conversation.

is Football a religion in that followers have faith in there team?

Possibly, there does seem a lot if faith no matter what the logic might say, a brick thrown at those of us who have faith in God. Is that faith honoured?

Well the recent World Cup would say not for all, after all only a few can win most must loose. That is also true of the normal season as well.  Only a few followers will see there faith rewarded.

However if one follows Jesus you will see your faith fulfilled all the time, not always in the way you want, but in the way God see is best for you.

So are you on a roller-coaster of up and down with your team, having short highs and deep lows?

Would you rather have a more even time, knowing you are loved and blessed  by the creator of all. The one who knows you better than anyone.

Football or Jesus which do you follow?

perhaps this is why the FA doesn’t want Rooney to talk about his Christian faith, dividing the devotions of fans who should be all out for the one true God. The C of E would be equally uncomfortable with the Bishop of Durham saying he’s a Muslim. No one can serve two masters, as Jesus said. That’s Jesus Navas, the Spanish winger, I think, but I may be getting confused.

Just loved this ending to the article…

Live long and Prosper..


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