Back in Dec 2011 I posted this

“Then we have had the near end of the war in Iraq, and probably the start of a three way civil war, “



Two and half years later and this has blown up big time.

The problem is very few people understand history or how these nations were formed. Iraq has three main groups Kurds, Sunni, and Shai, as well as Christians, mixed families and others. This causes a broken country which without the desire of all to work together and respect each other there will be conflict.

Iraq_ethnic_groups Map


Its a shame but that how we are as people, always trying to gain advantage for ourselves or our group. Look at the debate over the Independence of Scotland, or how the various groups in the UK would for there own advantage.

We have gone through our civil wars and now in general have other ways of dealing with unrest, although we keep banning demonstrations, strikes etc we will not and might find those who think they have no power to find other ways of getting it.

To deal with the problem of Iraq the world needs to be prepared to let it split into three parts. Just as India did when it got independence. The fact that the Kurds will want to join with others in Turkey brings that country into the mix as well. The Shia’s will want some link with Iran and the Sunni’s with others in Syria.

Some say this will bring more instability into the area, I wonder if that is true, it is not that stable now. I think they are more afraid of a bigger Iran, Turkey’s worries about the Kurds in Turkey, and the threat to oil. However if we want to have a end to this then we need to bit the bullet and be prepared for big change in borders.

I pray that our rulers will see that there is more peace in allowing people self determination than in being forced to live under people they can not stand. Even if this means that borders of other countries will be effected.


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